Three Easy Steps to Super-Grow Your Business

September 25, 2013 in Blog, Business, Emotional Healing by Annette

1) Love your business like it is your best friend.

This is the number one key to having continual growth in your business.  Think about how you feel about your business when it is disappointing you.  Use forgiveness to help you let go of the anger, frustration, depression, low self esteem, fear or sadness that comes up for you when your business isn’t meeting your expectations.  Stop giving up on loving your business when it is struggling.  Decide to love and believe in your business no matter how it may be performing for you.  Love it because it is a gift from God for your life.  Your business has it’s own unique energy signature that is influenced by the love you give it as well as the love others give it.  The more love that is poured into that energy signature, the more it grows in response to give back to you. Just like you would let your best friend offer return love to you, you must allow your business to function this way too.  You must allow gifts of love and money to flow back to you from your business otherwise you will leave your business with the energy of a debt it owes you for all the love you have given.  That debt you create in your business by refusing to receive back (example: paying yourself) takes up space where new business is blocked from entering in.  When you do receive back from your business, you open space where more people can enter in to expand the love for you and your business.  Once you really get this down, loving your business unconditionally, expansion in the form of love, money and new people occurs automatically.

2) You must feel happy and safe to invite money into your life.

This sounds crazy for most people.  Of course I feel safe with money and I would invite it in. People who have the most difficult time manifesting money in their lives usually have one of three problems:

  1. They push money away
  2. They run from money
  3. They don’t feel self love and value.

Your earliest memories around money go with feelings.  If mom and dad were fighting about money, you could believe that money is “the bad guy” that upset my family or made life harder for you.  For every time you heard someone say, “I can’t afford it.”, you saw money as “the bad guy” that doesn’t allow me to be happy or do what I want.  These strong negative emotions you hold with money memories drive your action or behavior with money.  If you have mastered loving your business and it is flowing naturally with money–you may feel an anxiety or fear because you are running away from money.  Even though you invite money in; when it shows up, the negative feelings force your action to push it away.  People who have very little self love or sense of value in themselves tend to only allow money into their lives that belongs to others.  Check what stage of healing you are in with money.  Give money permission to forgive you for running away or pushing it away.  Admit to money, it’s not “the bad guy”.  Forgive yourself for believing money is the “bad guy”.

Invite it into your life to love and appreciate the gifts that it can give you and others.

3) You must commit 100% to your business.

Besides loving your business, you must be ready to fully commit to what is necessary to support your business in all that it may need from you.  This includes time, money, training and just doing your very best.  When you can’t figure it out–what needs to be done now–be willing to get help.  Consult with an expert.  Take risks to grow in what you don’t know if it means making your business better for you, your family and the world.

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