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Andrea M. Ciafardini

It’s all about getting to the Core. You want to change your life?… Start from the core spaces inside. I took the training about 6 years ago from Dr. Annette and from that sprung a well of personal transformation and a beautiful way to serve others. I started my individual EPT practice six years ago and then four years after that, an entire healing center birth – filled with heart centered transformation through EPT and other modalities. Life is about service. Serving your highest truth and the high truth of those around you. Taking this training gave me the language I needed to express the innate gifts that were already inside. I am in deep gratitude for this life changing experience. And so it is.

Holistic Connections Healing Center
4412 Carver Woods Drive
Suite 204
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

Laura Robinson-Hiner

Laura Hiner EPTworks TestimonialTaking the EPTworks Core Training has been amazing. I can quickly find blocks to success in all areas of life for my family and myself and release them, finding more energy for success in other pursuits.  The best part of this training for me is the camaraderie and support among classmates who bond! This training will change your life and your thinking. You’ll love being able to help yourself and others in a new and exciting way! I have a friend enrolled in the next training. She’s so intuitive already and I’m sure she will shine in EPTworks!

Laura Robinson-Hiner


Jacqueline Steinbeck

JacquelineSteinbeck EPTworks TestimonialThe Core Training was a catalyst for me in many ways, and I feel it enhanced all the ways I express my most authentic self in my life, in my work as a Kundalini Yoga teacher, as a Creativity Now! coach, and now as an EPTworks practitioner, and I’ve experienced many positive changes in my life and in my growth. . . .however, the really big change in my inner being is the ongoing experience of resolution into the higher domain of unconditional love. The best part of this training for me was learning to read and calibrate our human technology with divine guidance and to be a channel for God’s love and forgiveness. I tell everyone that EPTworks training is a wonderful opportunity for self-development, and encourage them to let go of hesitation and doubt or fear that they’re not good enough. When you take steps to learn to use this amazing technology, your life opens, and you are free to be who you came to be.

Jacqueline Steinbeck is going into her third year facilitating EPTworks emotional healing through love and forgiveness. Jacqueline is also a Certified Kundalini Yoga instructor teaching classes in the Cincinnati area. A visionary artist and creativity coach, she has her own business CreativityNow! offering both corporate and private workshops and classes.

Creativity Now!
Blue Ash
Cincinnati, Ohio
Contact her for private appointments at jacquelines@fuse.net or 513-871-0838

Dorothy Tomasic

Dorothy Tomasic

I, like most people who experience EPT, was simply amazed at how quickly and accurately Dr. Annette was able to discover the “original conditioning events” that contributed to current emotional discomfort.  Observing the miraculous nature of muscle testing, the use of magnets to balance the body and the healing power of forgiveness stirred something in me that said, “I have to learn how to do this immediately!”  So my journey began over five years ago.  I love my clients and am honored to help them connect the dots that link their past to their current state.  Helping people release old, limiting beliefs and become empowered to live life lighter, happier and with more awareness is incredibly rewarding.  My clients, family, friends and even my pets LOVE EPT!

Dorothy Tomasic, MA
St. Louis, MO

Regina Viars EPTworksTestimonial

Regina Viars

Taking Dr. Cargioli’s EPTworks training is the single most important thing I’ve ever done for myself, my family + my community + the world. We all have the capacity to be vessels of healing for the world and this training is just the intensive necessary to give you the tools to live on path + on purpose and make a difference in not only your life, but the lives of all those you come in contact with in your life. Dr. Cargioli’s ability to lead with integrity, compassion + love, create a sacred space in which to do this important work, which takes you deep into the recesses of your soul, recalibrating false beliefs + reconnecting you to your original “blueprint.” Taking this training will not only allow you to heal personal wounds but also to go forth and shine your light in the world as brightly as possible enabling you to share your gifts with the world. With this training you will connect fully to your source + your power + your limitless potential.

Regina Viars
Conscious Holistic Healing LLC
Cincinnati, Ohio


Janet Trent

Janette EPTworks TestimonialEPTworks Core Training is a remarkable experience for so many reasons! Learning EPTworks opened my heart and mind to the possibility of healing in ways that I had never even dreamed were possible before. EPTworks Core Training not only taught me the basics of how to perform EPTworks, but it also opened my eyes to just how many situations and people could benefit from this powerful technique. There is no question that our world is in need of healing. It is very much in need of forgiveness, and of love. Being able to help facilitate that healing, forgiveness and love is a gift beyond measure. And each time you use the techniques you will learn in EPTworks Core Training Class, you will be helping to bring about healing…not only for your clients, but for the friends and families of your clients as well. I would make the choice to take the EPTworks Core Training Class again in a heartbeat. My original investment in this class has been returned to me, in both intangible and tangible ways, many times over. I believe the same will be true for you.

Radical Joy Productions


Karen Wheeler

I am a clinical social worker in private practice specializing in working with children and families. Since completing my Core EPT training I have seen a tremendous change in the progress of my clients, especially those who were “stuck” and other methods had helped, but they weren’t where I wanted them to be. EPT (which I usually combine with EMDR, bilateral brain stimulation) has cleared adoption issues, birth trauma’s such as breach birth, anger outbursts in children and panic attacks in adults. Thank you Dr. Annette for developing EPT and coming to North Carolina to teach us. Every healing practitioner needs EPT in their tool box!

Karen Wheeler, LCSW, RPT-S
Wilmington, NC

Deanna Robbins

Since taking The Core Training, I have experienced an elevated sense of wholeness and well being. I believe as we pursue our own healing we can then extend that to the same degree to others. It was awesome to learn from seasoned practitioners who are using EPT™ methods to identify root memories that produce negative emotional patterns and then healing them with love and forgiveness. It is a very powerful form of therapy that catapulted me towards healing in a way that traditional counseling was unable to do. If you are thinking about doing this training, I would say, “Are you ready to heal yourself? It is worth every penny. Are you ready to heal your friends, family or even your community? Cool, you will have the tools to do that too!”

Deanna Robbins, EPT™ Therapist
artist, hair designer, yoga teacher

Vec – Indiana

“I can’t even tell you how grateful I am that I was led to EPTworks.  I can’t think of any other practice that takes others to such transformation.”

~~Vec – Indiana

“My son had been going through a terrible experience and my friend recommended I see you. Thank you for helping me get through this. I know I would have had a much harder time coping without EPTworks™.”

~~Jane – Indiana

“I want to say thanks for helping me to overcome what I thought was going to be a lifetime of sadness.”

~~Deb – Texas

” ... the physical and emotional results were significant and have enabled me to experience a release/freedom unlike anything I’ve felt before.”

~~Sharon – Kentucky

I have been able to mend relationships with my family.  I have gotten rid of most if not all of my anger.  Just a sense of peace–overall a great growth process. Overall it was an incredible experience.”

~~Trish – Kentucky

“I also wanted to thank you for the three weekends that I spent learning EPT™ (plus lots of other cool stuff) from you. You truly broadened my scope and energized my cerativity. But more than that–I experienced healing for me and my family. Limiting beliefs and behavior patterns have been broken–God is so good <3. After the final weekend I felt as if every question I have had about myself and my family had been answered. This set me free, and is allowing me to find my place and my power. Forever leaving behind the place and power that dysfunction so generously allowed.

Annette, thank you for your part in my fresh start, and thank you for allowing me to take my family along for the journey. That is abundant life! Amen”

~~Annette from Kentucky

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