Knowing this will make you a GENIUS healer!

June 27, 2013 in Blog, Emotional Healing, Emotional Healing Training, Forgiveness

I was on a road trip and happened to be reading Barbara Brennan’s book Light Emerging.  I was reading her chapter on the seven stages of healing.  I had an incredible “aha moment” as I realized this information explained why I could have two different patients with the same symptoms and totally different outcomes.

I may have two patients with right leg pain (sciatica).  One patient responds to my brilliant care in one treatment having no more pain.  I feel like a genius doctor who can fix this problem in anyone but the next patient with this same problem comes in and I can’t get any change or healing to occur.  After learning the seven stages of healing I understood why.

Seven Stages of Healing

  1. Denial:  “There’s nothing wrong with me.”  “It’s normal to have headaches.”  “Everyone has problems like this.”
  2. Anger:  “Why me?”  “This isn’t fair.”  “I don’t deserve this problem.”  “I hate this pain.” “Someone else is to blame.”
  3. Bargain:  “Okay, I’ve been bad and now I need to change so this will stop or go away.”  “I will do what the doctor say as long as I’m guaranteed to get rid of this.”  “I’ll get surgery if it will make it better.”  “I’ll take 100 vitamins and do colonics every day if it will make it better.” “I hate my life so I have to fix it.”
  4. Depression:  “It doesn’t matter what I do, nothing gets better.”  “I’m stuck with this problem.” “It will never go away.”
  5. Acceptance:  “I feel better.”  “Things are getting better.”  “I still have a way to go but I feel hope.” “I love my life so I know it will change.”
  6. Light Emerging:  “Things in my life are changing rapidly.”  “Some days I think nothing has changed but then I see a lot of things have changed.”  “New people are coming into my life.”  “Things in my life are changing rapidly.”  “I feel the meaning of let go, let God.”
  7. Creation of New Life:  “I am solidly placed in a completely new scenario in my life.”  “There are new people and things.” “I am excited at the prospect of learning new ways of being and living my life in this new place.”

So here’s the genius part:  The patient who healed was in “Light Emerging”.  The patient I couldn’t help heal was in “Depression”.  Use muscle testing to determine what stage of healing your client is in with a particular problem.  The ones in “Acceptance”, “Light Emerging” and “Creation of New Life” will get better with very little effort on your part.

For the others, in “Denial”, “Anger”, “Bargain” or “Depression”; use EPTworks™ to quickly reveal and release what it holding them back.  Voila!  You too, can be a genius healer!

Think about a problem you would like to heal and determine what stage of healing you are in with that problem. Your decision to heal will  take you on a road trip to “Creation of New Life”.  Enjoy the journey!

Much gratitude to Barbara Brennan for her great contribution to this work!

I would love to hear how you have used the stages of healing to increase the focus and speed of healing in your life or in helping others.  Please leave a comment below.

EPTworks™ is More by Sherry Hamilton

May 16, 2013 in Blog, Emotional Healing, Emotional Healing Training, Forgiveness

Photo by Jenn Ocken Photography

More that just making a bad feeling go away.

That point in time when you can’t locate that pain you’ve carried and depended on for a point of reference is what I sought after.  For my own pain and now for others who I’ve helped walk through the EPTworks process for 20 years.  There is that definite point in the process when the pain ceases, and there is a relief.

But what comes after the bad feeling or pain is gone? 

               A new identity.

One woman I worked on who had carried a constant headache for over 25 years, said, “I’ll go home a new wife to my husband tonight.” She left in sort of a daze.  I was also amazed and intrigued that she never came to me again after that life-altering experience.  She paid her bill and left.  Emotions and the expression of love is the focus of EPTworks, not just the ceasing of pain.  Lives change when pain ceases.  When your pain has consumed so much attention, but now it’s not there is an odd place for many.

How you change your life in loving others is a completely new place when the pain ceases.  Some just go away because they used their pain to serve an internal need to isolate from intimacy in relationships.  Recognizing the resistance in myself to grow from

helplessness to helper;

self-justification to forgiveness;

limits on pleasure and gratitude to thankfulness in all things

is the greater shift away from pain.  This is more than letting go, but beginning something new and growing into a new experience that glorifies our Creator.  It feels great!  Seeing the process and going toward the points of resistance is important in EPTworks.  It becomes an amazing journey of self-awareness and courage to see that what I thought held me in it’s power no longer does.  Some statements for moving toward resistance to healing pain:

  • I forgive myself for believing I can’t live without this pain.
  • I forgive myself for using this pain as a block to my intimacy with others.
  • I forgive myself for depending on pain to express what I am unable or unwilling to express verbally.
  • I forgive myself for taking on pain as my expression of what I cannot make right for myself or for someone else.
  • I give others permission to forgive me for using my pain to keep me from intimacy with them.
  • I give myself permission to open up to a new feeling of compassion and intimacy with myself and to allow for the beginning of greater love and intimacy in my life and in my relationships.

Guest blogger: Sherry Hamilton



What Do You Really Do?

May 8, 2013 in Blog, Emotional Healing, Emotional Healing Training, Forgiveness

“In the last century more amazing things were found out than in any century before.  In this new century hundreds of things still more astounding will be brought to light.  At first, people refuse to believe that a strange new thing can be done, then they begin to hope it can be done, then they see it can be done–then it is done and all the world wonders why it was not done centuries ago.”
-Frances Hodgson Burnett from The Secret Garden.

EPTworks is this amazing healing tool that I use to help others and I teach them to help others the same way.  While this amazing tool involves some crazy, unconventional things like magnets, muscle response testing and guided forgiveness—-those things are just the “how” of what I do.

How this magnificent healing takes place is really insignificant to the “why” of what I do.  So it really boils down to this:

I heal broken hearts and I teach others to do the same thing,
SO you can be happier in your life.
SO you can love and accept yourself more.
SO you can feel better and live longer.
SO you can have better relationships.
SO you can make this world a more loving place.



Why Forgive?

April 11, 2013 in Forgiveness

why forgiveIt is still amazing to me that there are people who seriously ask the question, “Why forgive?”  I suppose you may also ask “Why love?”.  Forgiveness, after all, is an act of love.  There is a deep underlying sadness that prompts the question, “Why love?”.  The deepest hurt in your life usually comes from those you love the most.  It is easy to understand why you would give up on love once you have experienced the pain from being hurt when you are loving someone.  Loving does not carry a promise that allows you to control the outcomes of your relationships.  People you love can still die, leave you or hurt you.  Without forgiveness, you are left with all the pain, loss and anger.  This negative energy takes up space that you could use to create more of what you really love and enjoy in life.  Why forgive?  When you forgive, you let go of all the pain, anger, sadness and loss from your past that you still hold space for in your life.  Forgiveness is a “get out of jail” free card, only you are the prisoner you set free.  Forgiveness opens space in your life for miracles to happen.

EPTworks combines some amazing energy work and intuition to reach the goal of forgiveness and love.  We believe there is no better healing modality than forgiveness and love.  Simply put, forgiveness and love make your health better, your relationships better, your family better and the entire world a better place for everyone.

Miracles happen at EPTworks Lifeworks Retreats!  Come on in. Heal your life. Make the world a better place. See you at the beach in May!

Check out more about LifeWorks

How Long Does It Take? by Sherry Hamilton

April 9, 2013 in Blog, Emotional Healing, Emotional Healing Training, Forgiveness


This is a frequent and valid question I get from perspective clients for EPTworks.  I want to know too.  How long before I jump off this “gerbil wheel” that keeps me spinning in the repetitive, self-destructive habit I’ve lived with and been tired out by for years?  My short answer is, “It depends.”  EPTworks seeks to do two main things for this problem: 

  1. Break, disconnect or neutralize the charge of old false beliefs you have held that make you keep going back to “do it again.”
  2. Establish a new belief for a new experience with a positive, life-sustaining charge connected to eternal, spiritual truths.

Most people get the feeling in the very first session of EPTworks that this therapy is powerful and meaningful to this process.  Is that the conclusion of the journey for their process?  Usually not, but for some it is enough to get the process going in the correct direction. 

Often the popular articles on changing habits give a number of days (21, 30, 45, etc.) you must engage in your new habit to make it your experience and snuff out the old habit.  This objective never worked for me because I thought that it was that simple.  In my life experience this decision to hold to a good habit for X-number of days didn’t work.  The energy shift and interruption that EPTworks interjected into breaking my old habit gave me a supportive link I wasn’t expecting.  It is linked to brain chemicals and that can be driven by environmental and emotional habit. 

Changing my destructive habits has been more like learning a language.  For some people learning a new language comes faster than to others.  EPTworks has been an efficient system to engage my mind in possibility I didn’t allow or know about.  I started over 20 years ago with a fantastic awareness of freedom from an awful problem, and the uses and applications of EPTworks continues to grow in my life. 


Three Reasons to Forgive

March 18, 2013 in Blog, Emotional Healing, Forgiveness

EPT Works – Business Works #1 and LifeWorks © Jenn Ocken Photography

1) Forgiveness allows you to do the impossible.

When you forgive, you enter a state of divine giving.  You give the impossible to another person or yourself.  You grant absolution and freedom to one who does not deserve it.  Through giving forgiveness, both the offender and the offended are set free. The hurt of the offended and the guilt of the offender are released opening space for divine healing.

2) Forgiveness causes miracles to happen.

Forgiveness is an act of releasing blame, shame, old hurt, trauma, and pain.  When you forgive, you literally release all the “junk”; the balled up mass of hurt, resentment, anger, revenge, justification and trauma.  That “junk” takes up a lot of space in your being. When you release it through forgiveness, you open up massive space for God to move in and bless you in ways you can not even imagine.  Pain disappears, hard relationships heal, love magnifies in your life and you witness more and more of the miraculous; God’s work in your life.

3) Forgiveness makes the world a better place for you, your children and all people.

Forgiveness is a conscious act of love that aligns you with God’s love, mercy and forgiveness.  Forgiveness reconciles us with each other and with God.

The Place Where Bad Habit Goes FOREVER and Good Habit Stays FOREVER by Sherry Hamilton

March 15, 2013 in Blog, Emotional Healing, Emotional Healing Training, Forgiveness, Health, Nutrition


by Jenn Ocken Photography

This week I had the pleasure, yes pleasure, to sit through a six hour lecture presented by Bill M. Kelley, Ph.D., from Dartmouth College.  I’ll spare you his titles, but the lecture was about the brain and habits.  How habits are formed, and why changing bad habits into good habits is hard for most people and near impossible for some people.  It really does require more than willpower, and knowing what is happening inside your gray matter can help ease the process.

Dr. Kelley showed that the brain is really good at short-cutting information to speed up your process to get something done.  We were given the simple task to see a word and tell what color the word was printed in.  The first word was “red” and it was printed in red.  Oh, so easy!  All 300 of us proclaimed “red.”  Then we had the word “blue” in blue.  We see the word and tell the color: “blue.”  Then with green we are forming a habit of seeing the word and telling its color.  After a couple of reds, blues and greens Dr. Kelley flashes a slide that is the word “green” printed in the color blue.  One third of the room proclaimed “green” the other two thirds were choking back the word and searching for the correct answer of “blue.”  That pause and need to stop and think about what I’m seeing and what information I’m supposed to be giving was a quick way to show that there is hesitation when something changes and upsets your habit.  The shortcut your brain set up for you didn’t work on every solution, and you paused to figure out your conflict and eventually come up with the solution.    When you want to change that habit, there is a pause. 

This pause is where you consciously have to stop and choose your action for the new outcome you are wanting. 

  1. Your Mind-Body is Smart and Efficient

Your mind-body sets up a habit and speeds up the processing like driving a race car on a super highway.  The more you do the same action, the more efficient you get at doing it.  You think you are driving that race car, but there is a chemical called dopamine who you gave the car keys to.  Dopamine is driving you to “do it again” and you are just along for the ride.  Sometimes you are blindfolded and gagged to represent your feeling of helplessness when you make choices and give into your bad or self-destructive habits.

  1. Your Mind-Body is Super-Duper Efficient

Not only does your mind-body set up your habits on familiar super highways, but your mind-body also keeps track of all the details leading up to your action, and sets them up as habits on super highways in your mind-body too!

  1. Key to Changing Out a Bad Habit for a Good Habit Requires Conscious Effort– Pause, Expend New Effort

Establishing a life-long good habit requires getting your body to agree it is a habit and to build for you a super highway bigger and better than the super highway you have up in your gray matter for your bad habit.  Really that’s all there is to it!  Being aware of what you are doing here is one of the keys to building a successful good habit super highway in your brain and body system.

  1. Make Your Choice More Attractive for Getting Your Greatest Reward:  Love

In EPTworks, making the good habit super highway bigger and better so the mind-body will choose it is based on attaching the positive emotional charge of true love to the new good habit. The Biblical truth that love is the greatest single power source we have access to is mankind’s greatest reward.  When my new good habit is rewarded with the best emotions and aspects of true love, then I will be drawn to choose that habit more often than my self-destructive habit. 

  1. EPTworks Therapy Makes the Bad Habit Super Highway Less Attractive Using:  Forgiveness

            Forgiving myself for believing what isn’t true about this bad habit makes it less attractive to me.

In letting go of a bad habit, there are usually reasons why we want to keep doing it.  EPTworks seeks out the long held beliefs that are giving value to your bad habit and making you want to “do it again”.  Using specific forgiveness for beliefs that aren’t true will neutralize the beliefs and allow the mind to resolve each conflict attached to the bad habit.  Using this therapy makes the bad habit super highway look even less attractive and easier to switch over to the new good habit super highway we are building bigger and better.

By guest blogger: Sherry Hamilton



Riding On the Gerbil Wheel of Destructive Habits by Sherry Hamilton

March 13, 2013 in Blog, Emotional Healing, Emotional Healing Training, Health, Nutrition


by Jenn Ocken Photography

(cue sound effects:  eee…ee..eee…ee… a squeaky wheel)

I Can’t Help It!!!  I Have To Do That.  I Did It Again!  I Can’t Live Without That.

  1. Consciously admit what is bad for you or bad for your future: Monthly binge on chocolate chip cookies to point of illness.
  2. Decide to take a different action for a better future: Stop binging on cookies.  Do something else with this time.
  3. Binge on chocolate chip cookies. Feel like a failure for not maintaining decision to not binge on chocolate chip cookies.
  4. Make a new plan with more specific aversion techniques so as to succeed next month: Binge on cookies; feel like a helpless failure and guilty for not following through with plan.
  5. Give up on better future: Give into binging.  Live with feeling of failure. Binge on cookies.  Feeling powerless.  No guilt because I’ve decided: I can’t help it.

About 25 years ago, I realized I had a self-destructive habit of binging on chocolate chip cookies once a month.  I recognized it was self-destructive because I would bake cookies and eat more than a dozen until I was sick and in pain.  I followed the above plan month after month for more than a decade with continued frustration.  I call it a ‘gerbil wheel’ because I went around and around with my inner conflict and my outer display for this nagging monthly dependence on chocolate chip cookies.

My sister, Dr. Annette Cargioli, DC, helped me make the first step in breaking this awful cycle of dependence while she was pioneering EPTworks.  After one 45 minute session, I didn’t binge or have the need to binge for 10 months!  It was freeing and odd at the same time.  I was waiting for the powerless need to drive me to the binge cycle and it didn’t come.  Then after 10 months it did come back.  I called her, and told her the magic stopped and I had a binge.  She explained there are triggers and aspects of this cycle.  The great news was we had effectively stopped the cycle once so we could probably keep interrupting the behavior with continued work.  She was right.  It was a process of a few more years of work with paying attention to what set me off or triggered me into the binge behavior.  I can say that I’m binge-free now, and much happier too. 

I say Annette saved my life because the mental and physical toll of the behavior was making my future good health and peace unattainable.


by Jenn Ocken Photography

by Guest Blogger: Sherry Hamilton



Stop Pain With Magnets

March 11, 2013 in Blog, Emotional Healing, Emotional Healing Training, Health

You can use rare earth magnets to manage and sometimes eliminate pain completely.  I first learned about the use of magnetic energy in healing over 28 years ago.  Doctors Richard and Mary Broeringmeyer taught BioMagnetics.  Let me remind you, this was over 28 years ago and there weren’t many people endorsing the use of magnets for healing.  Hardly anyone had internet access or even a personal computer.  I thought I was technologically advanced because I could program my VCR.  I don’t mind telling you that I was a bit skeptical about using a magnet to test and treat the body’s imbalances. I was fresh out of chiropractic college and believing that natural health care was the way to go, but magnets?  Dr. Richard had over twenty years of experience using natural healthcare that included energy replacement therapy with magnets, nutritional supplementation, homeopathy and chiropractic.  I was fascinated with his clinical research that included working at a local DO hospital screening patients to determine what lab tests should be done.  He primarily used the research of Albert Roy Davis & Walter C. Rawls, Jr as the basis of his magnetic healing method. Davis and Rawls wrote four books sharing their scientific discoveries on the effects of magnets on living systems. (The Magnetic Effect, The Rainbow in Your Hands,The Magnetic Blueprint of Life and Magnetism and It’s Effects on The Living System)

What I have learned about how to use magnets to stop pain has come from these sources and now my own experience.  You will need a large magnet (about 2×6 inches) One flat side of the magnet must be only North Pole energy and the other side only South Pole energy.  The magnets we use are marked by color. Green indicates North Pole and Red indicates South Pole.

For any physical pain, use the North Pole of the magnet against the area of pain. You can use it over the pain for extended periods of time if necessary to change the tissue enough to alleviate the pain.  Sometimes a pain will disappear very quickly, say 20-30 minutes.  Other times you will have to repeat use daily like any other therapy for as long as needed.  For example, treat the area of pain with the magnet for 30 minutes three times a day for 2-3 weeks or longer.  If at any time the pain increases, you must turn the magnet to the South Pole side and treat with that side until pain subsides again.  There are some pains that require both North and South Pole energies to assist the healing of the tissue.  However, most pain responds to North Pole application.  Below, you will find the tissue and organ reactions to magnetic energy according to the research findings of Davis and Rawls.

Tissue and Organ Reactions to Magnetic Energy

North Pole Energies

1)  Vaso-constricts
2)  Increases alkalinity
3)  Acts to sedate or inhibit pain
4)  Decreases activity
5)  Increases potassium Ions
6)  Decreases abnormal calcium Ions
7)  Increases oxygen

South Pole Energies

1)  Vaso-dilates
2)  Increases acidity
3)  Stimulates
4)  Increases activity
5)  Increases sodium
6)  Decreases oxygen

Magnet Precautions

1) Do NOT use magnets on anyone with a pacemaker.
2)  Keep magnets clear of electronic devices, credit cards and checks with magnetic strips.
3)  Keep magnets clear of TV and computer monitor screens. (they will permanently discolor).



Tapping And Magnets

March 9, 2013 in Blog, Emotional Healing, Emotional Healing Training, Health

by Jenn Ocken Photography

by Jenn Ocken Photography

Changing the uncomfortable feelings that go with old memories or trauma is always just a matter of interrupting  the energetic pattern and opening up to a new pattern of feeling.  Tony Robbins talks about how you can change an emotional pattern as easily as simply interrupting the person who is stuck in that emotional state.  He gives an example of how he just threw a glass of ice water on a woman who was expressing her anxiety and anger over a failed romance.  She immediately changed her train of thought.  His dramatic interruption of her memory was enough to change her feelings. Gary Craig’s Emotional Freedom Technique, now widely known as “Tapping” is becoming well accepted as a do-it-yourself way to interrupt uncomfortable feelings and change the bodies response to those feelings. You can check out the science behind tapping by viewing Dawson Church’s EFT introductory video on youtube. Nick Ortner has created The Tapping Summit. It is held online and has attracted over 450,000 people.  My personal favorite online resource for tapping is Magnus offers 13 free videos on his site that walk you through specific problems that may exist right now in your life to experience how tapping may help you.

While EPTworks uses tapping in our do-it-yourself emotional release, we use magnetic energy fields to interrupt the energy pattern when we are helping another person to let it go.  Brief placement of magnetic energy over the body and brain along with simple breathing quickly disrupts the pattern of the old memory. This magnetic energy placement creates an instant change in the electrical pattern of the body. Placement of magnets over emotional points (forehead) and a body system (organ) inserts a profound electrical energy change that connects the brain with the body system and disrupts the neuropeptide cellular response to old memories. Neuropeptides are known as the molecules of emotion.  Candace Pert, Ph.D., neuroscientist and pharmacologist discovered the opiate receptor; the cellular binding site for endorphins in the brain.  In her book Molecules of Emotion, she explains how neuropeptides are related to emotional response.

Magnetic energy, specifically a magnet, is the highest speed energy known on the planet.  Using magnets to interrupt the energy pattern is an amazing way to speed up the healing process and open new gateways for creation of new life.  Books on magnetic healing: