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If you knew of a cure for ADD and ADHD that could really change your child for good, would you be interested? I would like to share three simple, inexpensive changes you can make to eliminate or greatly reduce the symptoms of ADD and ADHD.

1)  Eliminate all wheat, cow dairy, and refined sugar from your child’s diet. 

This is easier than ever with so many new grocery stores offering alternatives.  You can replace wheat products with rice products. Linda C’s Kitchen Table and  Elana’s Pantry offers up all manner of wheat and sugar free goodies you can bake to satisfy those yearnings for homemade treats.  Try her brownies or chocolate chip scones; simple to make and amazingly delicious.  Cow dairy can be replaced with almond milk, coconut milk or flax seed milk.  Butter is acceptable.  Goat and sheep cheese can be found in many varieties.  You can use agave syrup, maple syrup or coconut sugar for a sugar alternative. You can do this and it does make a difference.

2)  Use Amber glasses 2-3 hours before bedtime to minimize your child’s exposure to blue light.

We live in a culture with constant noise and unnatural light.  The environmental chaos is bound to have an effect on developing children.  (buy amber glasses here:

Blue-blocking Glasses To Improve Sleep And ADHD Symptoms

ScienceDaily. Retrieved May 9, 2011:

Scientists at John Carroll University, working in its Lighting Innovations Institute, have developed an affordable accessory that appears to reduce the symptoms of ADHD. Their discovery also has also been shown to improve sleep patterns among people who have difficulty falling asleep. The John Carroll researchers have created glasses designed to block blue light, therefore altering a person’s circadian rhythm, which leads to improvement in ADHD symptoms and sleep disorders.

3)  Change a few things in your child’s environment. 

– Fill the child’s environment with your unsolicited, loving, positive, supportive attention.  

In his book, Scattered, Gabor Mate says, “Show me a child who can’t pay attention and I will show you a very sad child.”  He says that environmental factors play a huge part in the development of a child and that children who don’t pay attention have trained themselves to “look away” to avoid hurt or abandonment.  He makes a strong case for the attention deficit child needing “attention” and not getting it and so giving up to look away so as not to feel the loss.  In essence, the attention the ADD/ADHD child is lacking is from the parent.  Your ADD/ADHD child needs your positive loving attention in a consistent manner.  Your child is not deficit in brain chemicals; he is deficit in positive loving attention.  By filling this need in the child, he is more trusting of paying attention.  (Here’s where EPTworks can help the child and the family by releasing the sadness the child is looking away from and helping the family love each other more fully.)

-Enjoy a family meal together at home at the same time each day.

Everyone must sit together and enjoy the meal with healthy family conversation. No tv or devices allowed.  Your child’s brain development is dependent on structure.  Creating one dependable structure in your family routine such as a meal together at the same time each day, will help your child get the positive attention from you he needs and help his brain develop structure of paying attention.



Riding On the Gerbil Wheel of Destructive Habits by Sherry Hamilton

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by Jenn Ocken Photography

(cue sound effects:  eee…ee..eee…ee… a squeaky wheel)

I Can’t Help It!!!  I Have To Do That.  I Did It Again!  I Can’t Live Without That.

  1. Consciously admit what is bad for you or bad for your future: Monthly binge on chocolate chip cookies to point of illness.
  2. Decide to take a different action for a better future: Stop binging on cookies.  Do something else with this time.
  3. Binge on chocolate chip cookies. Feel like a failure for not maintaining decision to not binge on chocolate chip cookies.
  4. Make a new plan with more specific aversion techniques so as to succeed next month: Binge on cookies; feel like a helpless failure and guilty for not following through with plan.
  5. Give up on better future: Give into binging.  Live with feeling of failure. Binge on cookies.  Feeling powerless.  No guilt because I’ve decided: I can’t help it.

About 25 years ago, I realized I had a self-destructive habit of binging on chocolate chip cookies once a month.  I recognized it was self-destructive because I would bake cookies and eat more than a dozen until I was sick and in pain.  I followed the above plan month after month for more than a decade with continued frustration.  I call it a ‘gerbil wheel’ because I went around and around with my inner conflict and my outer display for this nagging monthly dependence on chocolate chip cookies.

My sister, Dr. Annette Cargioli, DC, helped me make the first step in breaking this awful cycle of dependence while she was pioneering EPTworks.  After one 45 minute session, I didn’t binge or have the need to binge for 10 months!  It was freeing and odd at the same time.  I was waiting for the powerless need to drive me to the binge cycle and it didn’t come.  Then after 10 months it did come back.  I called her, and told her the magic stopped and I had a binge.  She explained there are triggers and aspects of this cycle.  The great news was we had effectively stopped the cycle once so we could probably keep interrupting the behavior with continued work.  She was right.  It was a process of a few more years of work with paying attention to what set me off or triggered me into the binge behavior.  I can say that I’m binge-free now, and much happier too. 

I say Annette saved my life because the mental and physical toll of the behavior was making my future good health and peace unattainable.


by Jenn Ocken Photography

by Guest Blogger: Sherry Hamilton



Tips to Maintain Ideal Weight

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It’s the new year and everyone is hoping to lose the extra five or ten pounds from the holiday season.  As a holistic doctor, I have learned some awesome tricks to maintain your ideal weight.

The most important foods to eliminate are wheat, refined sugar and cow dairy (butter is allowed)  Most people with weight control problems are allergic or have sensitivity to these foods, but notice, this is a very short list to eliminate.  If eliminating these foods is challenging for you, it may be because these are the main foods you consume. Eliminating these three foods will do wonders in helping you to lose weight.  Minimizing these foods will help you to maintain weight.  With that said, rather than focusing on the foods and habits you must eliminate, turn your attention on the foods you enjoy that will support your healthy weight maintenance.  Choose real food such as fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs, honey, nuts, brown rice, nut butters, lean grilled meat.  Choose to drink mostly water if possible.

Adequate protein and good fats can virtually eliminate your unhealthy cravings.  I recommend Sun Warrior Raw Vegan Protein powder.  It is the ultimate raw superfood protein made from bio-fermented raw sprouted whole grain brown rice protein with a complete amino-acid profile for 98.2% assimilation.  It is non-GMO and hypo-allergenic.  The best part is that it is a very pleasant tasting protein powder you can mix in a shaker cup with water.

A great way to add good fats is recommended by the Bullet-Proof Executive. He recommends butter coffee (i.e. Bulletproof Coffee).  Using a blender, you blend one cup of coffee with one tablespoon unsalted grass-fed cow butter and one tablespoon coconut oil. It’s healthy and delicious. He also has a great full fat Ice Cream recipe that my daughter LOVES.

For exercise, I recommend The Slow-Burn Fitness Revolution. It’s a thirty minute workout that you do once a week. For those of us who don’t love to workout, it’s the perfect solution for body maintenance.

Finally, my favorite tip for maintaining ideal weight is the far infrared sauna.  You can purchase one for your home for about $1200 from Costco. By using your sauna for thirty minutes each day, you will effectively do a cardiovascular workout and burn 600-800 calories just relaxing in your sauna. An additional benefit is that you will also be releasing environmental toxins from your body through your skin as you sweat in the sauna.  With consistent use of your sauna, you will increase your bodies efficiency through detoxification and you will support weight loss by burning calories.

By incorporating even just a few of these tips into your routine, you’ll feel great and maintain your weight.

Holistic Weight Loss Program That Works Using hCG

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So you want to lose weight. 

I can tell you, I know how to lose weight. I’ve lost over 100 lbs not once but twice in my lifetime. I came to discover there is more to weight loss then losing weight. Here’s how I did it…I did EPT to eliminate the emotional roadblocks which enabled me to take action to  start the hCG diet to lose weight. Each time an emotional block would stall my success I did some EPT. I can tell you, I know without a doubt it works 100% of the time. It’s radical and it takes planning and determination to take action for change. 

Here’s the plan simply:

Per day:

hCG  .5 -.8cc’s homeopathic drops 3 to 4 times a day.

Unlimited coffee and tea

2 liters of water

2 lean meats (from approved list)

2 Veggies (from approved list)

2 Fruits (from approved list)

2 Grissini bread sticks (I leave these off)

If it’s not on the approved list, DON’T EAT IT.

About now you’re probably thinking, “How can I live on so little food? I’ll be hungry all the time! Of course I’ll lose weight! I’m on a starvation diet!”

I know, I had the same questions and thoughts, until I learned that hCG works by using your stored abnormal fat and utilizes the nutrition stored in that fat to fill in all the nutritional gaps caused by a very low calorie diet. Your body consumes 1500 to 2000 calories of your own fat per day by using the hCG homeopathic drops and while eating between 500 and 800 calories. SHAZAM!! Rapid weight loss, safely without becoming nutritionally deficient.  This is why it’s different then the very low calorie diet on it’s own. This is why it is effective 100% of the time, EVERY time!

The diet is done in 2 distinct phases. The weight loss phase is 41 days then the maintenance phase is 21 days at your new lower weight by eating normally with the exception of sugars and starches. If you have not reached your goal you simply repeat the rounds.

This diet is only for someone who is serious about losing weight and fully committed. Remember, hCG targets the abnormal fat in your body and uses the nutrition stored there to fill in the gaps while you eat a very low calorie diet.

Here’s some of the technical stuff as I interpret it from, Pounds and Inches.  Dr Simeon discovered that rehabilitation of your hypothalamus is needed to maintain weight loss. His hypothesis was proven anecdotally through the thousands of patients he healed of chronic obesity.  His hypothesis has been proven in more recent years through medical discoveries. Robin Phipps Woodall refers to this in her book, Weight Loss Apocalypse, Emotional Eating Rehab Through the hCG Protocol  .

Based on these discoveries, obese people have trained their fat cells to maintain their obesity. Fat cells are an organ in your body and respond to the signals they get from the hypothalamus. The longer you are obese the more your fat cells recognize that higher weight as a normal weight for you. In the event you lose, say 100 lbs, as I did a few years ago, Your body immediately responds by signaling your brain to take in extra food to bring your body back into your “norm”, FAT. Following the hCG protocol you lose weight in phases. One phase for weight loss and the next phase re-trains your fat cells and brain to recognize the new thinner you by resetting your bodies set point to the new lower weight.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. I’m writing a different story. If I can rehabilitate my obesity, YOU can too. Email me. I have walked in your shoes and will walk beside you through your rehabilitation.

 Linda Collier

Weight Loss Specialist

~guest blogger from





Emotional Eating and Forgiveness

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“I’m not going to cry, I’m going to eat a bag of chips and quart of rocky road.”

With food so readily available, emotional eating is a common way Americans manage their stressful emotions.  Whether we are afraid, alone, insecure or sad, food can be our go to comfort.

Emotional eating is the way we avoid feeling what we don’t want to feel.  Like other addictions, it is a distraction from our emotional pain or painful environment.  By stuffing yourself to the point of discomfort, you can shift your attention from your emotional feelings to that familiar full feeling.  Feeling overfull in your tummy can keep you from feeling that old broken heart or your deep feelings of shame of being abused by your father.

Many people learn this pattern of eating to not feel, as children.  Some families pass it down by encouraging eating certain foods to make you feel better.  “Here have this brownie. It will make you feel better.”  I grew up with a mom who strictly controlled all the food.  We always had to go through her to get any of the good stuff, like cookies, candy or ice cream.  We were always rationed to small portions while she could have more and helped herself to these scarce food treasures.  I found that as I got older, I would be especially prone to overeat this kind of junk food when anything in my life felt out of control.  If I couldn’t pay a bill, keep the house perfect or keep all five of my kids happy; I would find myself buying and eating the entire bag of Mint Milanos.  It was something I knew I could control.  No one can stop me! I’m in charge! I’m in control! I have power!  Rather than being with my own powerlessness, I grabbed a bag of cookies and ate them all to prove I still had power. “I’m not powerless. I can buy my favorite food and eat it all and no one can stop me.”

Forgiveness is a powerful tool that can change the behaviors that hold you back from a fulfilling life.  Hold your fear release points (directly under the collar bone) and remember to breathe after each statement as you use the following forgiveness statements to raise your awareness and to help you let go of your emotional eating.

I forgive myself for believing I can’t change my relationship with food.
I forgive myself for believing my emotional eating can’t change.
I forgive myself for believing that feeling stuffed is my only source of comfort.
I forgive myself for believing I would rather feel stuffed than feel sad.
I forgive myself for believing the sadness will never change.
I forgive myself for believing that when I feel powerless, eating whatever I want and as much as I want can make me feel powerful.
I forgive myself for using food as a way to feel powerful when I am powerless in other areas of my life.
I forgive myself for making myself sick with food.
I forgive myself for believing I can’t stop overeating.
I forgive myself for overeating.
I forgive myself for hating myself.
I forgive my mother (or other specific family member) for teaching me to use food for control.
I forgive teaching my children to use food for control.
I forgive myself for using food to avoid feelings.
I forgive my father (or other) for controlling my environment with fear so I constantly stored up for future loss and abandonment.
I give my father/mother permission to forgive me for blaming them for my unhealthy relationship with food.