4 of 5 Tips for Forgiveness

January 4, 2013 in Blog, Emotional Healing, Emotional Healing Training, Forgiveness



“Many of us stubbornly hold on to bitterness, and resentment about our life and work not because we are bad or unloving people but because we do not know how to forgive. . .to forgive is to release trapped energy that could be doing good work elsewhere.”–Executive EQ: Emotional Intelligence in Leadership & Organizations by Cooper & Sawaf

Forgiveness Tip 4

Co-dependency is when a person believes that his or her happiness is dependent on the behavior of someone else. Examples:

I forgive myself for believing my mother has to change before I can feel happiness and security.
I forgive myself for believing I require my husband’s approval before I can feel happy, confident and secure.
I forgive myself for blaming others for my frustration and unhappiness.
I give my husband permission to forgive me for blaming him for my frustration and unhappiness.