Are You Living Your Dream?

February 25, 2013 in Blog, Business, Emotional Healing, Emotional Healing Training

Guest writer, Penny Langley, reflects on some of her experiences at EPTworks BusinessWorks Retreat.  Read and live the dream:

EPTworks Leadership Council from left: Jenn, Penny, Linda, Annette, Rhonda, Sherry

A rainbow greets us as we mount the top of the hill in beautiful Ocho Rios.  What does a Chiropractor, weight loss consultant, photographer, marriage counselor, massage therapist, and meditative techniques consultant have in common? We are living our Dream! Today, our “work” involves overcoming personal fears, letting go of stress and worries, and living in the now. Our mission for the day…TO CLIMB A WATERFALL…and get this…it’s in Jamaica!! Holding hands as a sign of support and unity, we take step after slippery step along moss covered rocks as we make the steep upward climb. We stop along the way to take time to play, using rocks as water slides, diving into pools of water and receiving water massages in a way that only nature can deliver…from water rushing over the falls.  

Why is this possible? We are all enjoying the financial growth of our businesses, companies WE own…the careers of our dreams!   Our success has been enhanced by BizWorks, a business course that facilitates you through the learning process of business visioning, sales projections, budget preparation and the creation of a business plan.  In BizWorks you will also receive a private EPT consultation with Dr. Annette Cargioli, the developer of a revolutionary healing system that will align your energy systems with personal and business success.  

It’s an amazing story.  Make it YOUR story.  Sign up for BizWorks today.  Live the Dream!   


Penny Langley

Chief Inspiration Officer, Healing Gardens Studio One

-guest writer



I Can’t Get Out Of Debt!

February 21, 2013 in Blog, Business, Emotional Healing, Emotional Healing Training, Forgiveness


There is a powerlessness about debt that is tangible.  There is a sense of suffering, guilt and not having enough in the experience of owing more than we can pay.  Debt is just money we owe.  It can be eliminated by paying the money we owe.  The debt is not our problem.  It is the way we feel about the debt that creates the suffering.  Once we enter that state of suffering, guilt and emptiness, it becomes impossible to take power over debt in our lives.  These negative feelings about money and debt usually come from childhood.  We absorb the feelings our parents hold about money and debt.

Many of us had debt transferred to us as children when it was implied that we owed for what we could never pay back from what has been given to us–clothes, food, gas, our house.  We were made to feel guilty for mom or dad working very hard just to pay for our things.  We took on beliefs that “I’m not enough” or “I’m not worth it”.  There is a sense of a debt I can never pay back, no matter what I earn or produce.  I will always feel this guilt, shame and powerlessness with the money I have because I still owe for my childhood.

The debt you must release is the debt your parents or you hold against yourself from childhood and all you were given.  This is the debt you can never pay.  You have created money debt in your life so you can continually be in the state of paying it off, in hopes to alleviate the guilt and suffering of the past.  The truth is, you can repay or resolve a money debt.  However, the debts from our childhood and emotional debts can never be repaid with money but only resolved through forgiveness.  Think about what exists in your life, besides financial debt, that you feel indebted with.  Maybe you are just trying to pay off an old debt that can only be resolved through forgiveness.  Use your power to let go of the debts in your life that can’t be resolved with money and see how easily you can get out of debt.

To feel better about your debt, read these statements aloud and inhale and exhale after each statement:

  • I forgive myself for believing I can’t get out of debt.
  • I forgive myself for believing I have to feel guilty, ashamed or unworthy because I have financial debt.
  • I forgive myself for believing by putting my attention on financial debt, I can take away feelings of guilt and shame from childhood.
  • I forgive myself for believing that money is the only debt I owe.
  • I forgive myself for believing I can’t let go of the bad feelings until I am debt free.
  • I forgive myself for believing I will always be in debt to my parents for what they gave me.
  • I forgive myself for holding myself in debt to my parents out of loyalty.
  • I forgive my parents for making me a debtor.
  • I forgive my parents for shaming me for having blessings in my life they worked hard for.
  • I forgive my parents for shaming me about money.
  • I forgive my parents for blaming me for their debt.
  • I give my parents permission to forgive me for blaming them.
  • I give my parents permission to forgive me for all debt I owe them.
  • I give my parents permission to forgive me for costing money.

These are a few forgiveness statements to help you let go of the debt you can not pay.
Enjoy and let me know what you think!


Manifesting What You Really Want in Your Life (part 2)

February 14, 2013 in Blog, Business, Emotional Healing, Emotional Healing Training

Before you can start manifesting what you want, you have to get crystal clear on exactly what you are currently manifesting.  Get very specific about where you are existing in your business and money right now.  Make a list describing where you are.  To make this list, think about what you put your attention on.  What is your current “focus” or energy on? How much do you pay yourself?  Include your business perks like trips or business clothing, free services or any other business perks you can think of.

What phrases do you say over and over about your business? “I need more clients.” “I don’t have enough money.”“I can’t pay myself.”“This is too hard.”“People can’t afford me.”  “People don’t trust me.”  “People don’t want to pay me.” “I’m too expensive.” “No one in my area gets it.” “I need to advertise.” “I’m afraid.” “This is never getting better.”

Who do you see in your business that you love and enjoy the most?

What do you enjoy the most about your business?

Do you spend time thinking about how much service your clients can afford?

What is your biggest “problem” in your business that prevents it from being a success?

How do you feel “emotionally” about your business growing?  This is how you “feel” right now in you current business, thinking about growing or expanding your business.

What phrases do you say over and over about this? “My business will never be successful.”  “I don’t know how to make it happen.” “I don’t have time for more.” “I don’t know how to do it.” “I don’t deserve money or success.” “I have to work harder to deserve more.” “I have to be perfect to deserve more.”

What do you LOVE in your business right now?

What gives you PAIN or FEAR in your business right now?

It is very important to be in the space you are in.  You must get crystal clear on where you are and where you are going to chart the best way to get there.  Spend a little time to describe where you currently “live” in your business.  We’ll call that location, Indianapolis.  This is your current location–how you exist and what you recognize to identify as your current business and business experience.

The thoughts you hold for your current business are your mind’s internal representation of where you are when you are at work.  By identifying these internal representations of your business, you   open your awareness to let them go for a new experience of how you do business.

In part three of this blog series, Manifesting What You Really Want in Your Life, we will get clarity on where you want to be and why clarity and focus on this is necessary to arriving at your new location.

One of the best writers I have seen on this subject of manifesting, Nick Pfennigwerth writes

From my experience and interviewing many successful people on this planet, properly focusing your mind is the number one most important factor that you can master when it comes to manifesting money or anything else that you can imagine.

How you direct and use your focus is completely responsible for the results you get in life.
When I talk about focus, I am referring to your conscious attention and your internal representations, which are all one in the same.

At EPTworks Business Works Retreat, we use EPTworks to help you to master the focus your mind on what you really want, making your journey from where you are in business to where you want to be an easy, more fun and enjoyable journey.

EPTworks Business Works takes place March 1-3 in Indianapolis. Find details at


Help! I Don’t Have Enough!!

February 9, 2013 in Blog, Emotional Healing, Emotional Healing Training, Forgiveness

EPTworks New Orleans Charity Dinner

Healing and abundance is a natural function that occurs when we are connected to our divine source, God.  All that is required is aligning ourselves with God and activating our intention.

How do we get disconnected?

When we allow our ego to determine our life path, we experience ourselves as disconnected.  Our egos have a tendency to idolize or place importance on things that are truly irrelevant to the truth of who we are.  By idolizing things, we misidentify ourselves and become separated from our divine, infinite, eternal source.  There are six primary ways our ego idolizes.

  1. What I have is the source of who I am/my power/my value.  My possessions define me.
  2. What I do is the source of who I am/my power/my value.  My achievements define me.
  3. What others think of me is the source of who I am/my power/my value.  My reputation defines me.
  4. My body is the source of who I am/my power/my value.  My body defines me.
  5. All that is missing from my life is the source of who I am/my power/my value.  My life space is disconnected from my desires.
  6. Pouring energy into all of the above is the source for who I am/my power/my value.  I am separate from God

An idol is a construct or focus that we pour energy into because we believe it is a source for what we desire; identity, power, love, money, peace, relationships, etc.

If I have an attractive body. . . . .                   If I know more. . . . .

If I have more money. . . . .                            If I could be more spiritual. . .

If I had a great family. . . .                              If I am popular. . .

If I was American. . . . .                                  If I was perfect. . . .

If I could do more. . . .

Chronic problems/stress such as chronic money problems, chronic dieting, chronic relationship distress, depression,  and chronic physical problems are most likely a form of idolatry.

All your energy and power is poured into this “problem” that never seems to resolve.  It is like a huge tornado that just spins all your excess effort and energy around in a circle, never really moving forward or changing.

Example:  Recently, I realized that I used money obsession: how to handle money better, how to make more money, how to get out of debt, if only my husband could make more money, worry about money, fear about money, too much energy about money, etc., as a source to take away my sadness about my father never wanting to give me anything or give my mother anything.  If I felt that sadness, I would be more likely to go shopping.  “It doesn’t matter if my dad doesn’t give me money; I can buy it myself and then I won’t care.”  I had developed the same kind of relationship with my husband.  I was idolizing money as the source to heal all this sadness.  Rather than feel and accept the sadness and hurt and fear that no man would ever want to support me; I poured all my excess energy into “money and money problems”.  My belief was that somehow more money would be the source to heal the real problem.  When I realized that only God can heal and that He is my source and that money problems and money have no power to make this pain feel better or cease to exist, I no longer needed to pour my energy into a useless tornado to feel powerful.  Tearing down this idol in my life, reunited me with God and I realized that I was not separate from the real source of love, power and money.

Example:  A woman with twenty years of marital instability and the past two years spent in marriage counseling discovered that she and her husband were pouring all their energy into constant marriage discussion that never seemed to move them forward.  It was a distraction to avoid the depression her mom felt when she was two and her mom knew her marriage was over.  Jill’s fear that her marriage was over and she made it worse, kept her pouring her energy into saving it, discussing it, being responsible for it, etc.  She had to acknowledge that all the marriage obsessing in the world would not have the power to get back what she really wanted: her original family, happy and together.  She had to accept the fear and depression that she may never get what she really wants in her family.  She had to accept that what she has or does not have does not separate her from happiness, love and power.   She idolized her family as the source for happiness, love, and security.  Without it, she felt helpless and separated from all that she desires.  When we tore down that idol, she immediately felt more at peace and connected.  She no longer felt drawn into the endless worry and discussions about the marriage.

Forgiveness Statements

  • I forgive myself for idolizing money as my source for all that I desire.
  • I forgive myself for idolizing what I have (family) as the source for my happiness and fulfillment.
  • I forgive myself for using this idolatry of money as a way to feel better about the sadness I felt as a child.
  • I forgive myself for using this idolatry of family as a source to heal the depression and fear I feel that I will never get what I really want in my relationships.
  • I give myself permission to tear down the idol and I am no longer separate from all that I desire.
  • Without this idol, I am free to experience joy and love in my relationships.
  • Without this idol, I am free to experience happiness and security and support from the divine source.
  • Without this idol, I am free to stop pouring excess energy into an empty tornado of futile discussion and thoughts.
  • Without this idol, I am no longer separate from God.
  • Without this idol, I am connected to my divine Source.