A Flying Frozen Turkey and Forgiveness

May 3, 2013 in Blog, Emotional Healing, Emotional Healing Training, Forgiveness

A true-life example of the power of forgiveness made national news in 2005.

Columnist Jay Evensen tells the story:

How would you feel toward a teenager who decided to toss a 20-pound frozen turkey from a speeding car headlong into the windshield of the car you were driving?

How would you feel after enduring six hours of surgery using metal plates and other hardware to piece your face together, and after learning you still face years of therapy before returning to normal–and that you ought to feel lucky you didn’t die or suffer permanent brain damage?

And how would you feel after learning that your assailant and his buddies had the turkey in the first place because they had stolen a credit card and gone on a senseless shopping spree, just for kicks?

This is the kind of hideous crime that propels politicians to office on promises of getting tough on crime. It’s the kind of thing that prompts legislators to climb all over each other in a struggle to be the first to introduce a bill that would add enhanced penalties for the use of frozen fowl in the commission of a crime.

The New York Times quoted the district attorney as saying this is the sort of crime for which victims feel no punishment is harsh enough.  ‘Death doesn’t even satisfy them,’ he said.

Which is what makes what really happened so unusual.  The victim, Victoria Ruvolo, a 44-year-old former manager of a collections agency, was more interested in salvaging the life of her 19-year-old assailant, Ryan Cushing, than in exacting any sort of revenge.  She pestered prosecutors for information about him, his life, how he was raised, etc.  Then she insisted on offering him a plea deal.  Cushing could serve six months in the county jail and be on probation for 5 years if he pleaded guilty to second-degree assault.

Had he been convicted of first-degree assault–the charge most fitting for the crime–he could have served 25 years in prison, finally thrown back into society as a middle-aged man with no skills or prospects.

But this is only half the story.  The rest of it, what happened the day this all played out in court, is the truly remarkable part.

According to an account in the New York Post, Cushing carefully and tentatively made his way to where Ruvolo sat in the courtroom and tearfully whispered an apology. ‘I’m so sorry for what I did to you.’

Rubolo then stood, and the victim and her assailant embraced, weeping.  She stroked his head and patted his back as he sobbed, and witnesses, including a Times reporter heard her say, ‘It’s OK. I just want you to make your life the best it can be.’  According to accounts, hardened prosecutors, and even reporters, were choking back tears.  (Taken from: Jay Evensen, “Forgiveness Has Power to Change Future,” Deseret Morning News, August 21, 2005, p. AA3)

You can read Victoria Ruvolo’s story in her book: No Room for Vengeance: In Justice and Healing

Why Forgive?

April 11, 2013 in Forgiveness

why forgiveIt is still amazing to me that there are people who seriously ask the question, “Why forgive?”  I suppose you may also ask “Why love?”.  Forgiveness, after all, is an act of love.  There is a deep underlying sadness that prompts the question, “Why love?”.  The deepest hurt in your life usually comes from those you love the most.  It is easy to understand why you would give up on love once you have experienced the pain from being hurt when you are loving someone.  Loving does not carry a promise that allows you to control the outcomes of your relationships.  People you love can still die, leave you or hurt you.  Without forgiveness, you are left with all the pain, loss and anger.  This negative energy takes up space that you could use to create more of what you really love and enjoy in life.  Why forgive?  When you forgive, you let go of all the pain, anger, sadness and loss from your past that you still hold space for in your life.  Forgiveness is a “get out of jail” free card, only you are the prisoner you set free.  Forgiveness opens space in your life for miracles to happen.

EPTworks combines some amazing energy work and intuition to reach the goal of forgiveness and love.  We believe there is no better healing modality than forgiveness and love.  Simply put, forgiveness and love make your health better, your relationships better, your family better and the entire world a better place for everyone.

Miracles happen at EPTworks Lifeworks Retreats!  Come on in. Heal your life. Make the world a better place. See you at the beach in May!

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How Long Does It Take? by Sherry Hamilton

April 9, 2013 in Blog, Emotional Healing, Emotional Healing Training, Forgiveness


This is a frequent and valid question I get from perspective clients for EPTworks.  I want to know too.  How long before I jump off this “gerbil wheel” that keeps me spinning in the repetitive, self-destructive habit I’ve lived with and been tired out by for years?  My short answer is, “It depends.”  EPTworks seeks to do two main things for this problem: 

  1. Break, disconnect or neutralize the charge of old false beliefs you have held that make you keep going back to “do it again.”
  2. Establish a new belief for a new experience with a positive, life-sustaining charge connected to eternal, spiritual truths.

Most people get the feeling in the very first session of EPTworks that this therapy is powerful and meaningful to this process.  Is that the conclusion of the journey for their process?  Usually not, but for some it is enough to get the process going in the correct direction. 

Often the popular articles on changing habits give a number of days (21, 30, 45, etc.) you must engage in your new habit to make it your experience and snuff out the old habit.  This objective never worked for me because I thought that it was that simple.  In my life experience this decision to hold to a good habit for X-number of days didn’t work.  The energy shift and interruption that EPTworks interjected into breaking my old habit gave me a supportive link I wasn’t expecting.  It is linked to brain chemicals and that can be driven by environmental and emotional habit. 

Changing my destructive habits has been more like learning a language.  For some people learning a new language comes faster than to others.  EPTworks has been an efficient system to engage my mind in possibility I didn’t allow or know about.  I started over 20 years ago with a fantastic awareness of freedom from an awful problem, and the uses and applications of EPTworks continues to grow in my life. 


Get What You Want Now

March 1, 2013 in Business

Get what you want nowWhen my kids were much younger, they would talk about how they wanted to go to visit Disney World.  I had them close their eyes and imagine packing for our trip, going to the airport, getting bumped up to first class, getting all the cookies and drinks they want on the plane, seeing Mickey greet them. You get the idea.  Their faces would relax and light up as they imagined this amazing trip.  I asked them how it feels.  They would sigh and smile and assure me it was an amazing feeling.  It’s that “feeling” of getting what we want as though we already have it that keeps our attention focused on what we want.  Those good “feelings” are actually neural representations in our brain.  To get what you want now, you must create positive neural representations that are the signals that you already have what you want.  You have to imagine it with good feelings.

Create new neural representations to remind you of “what you want now”. This is where you are driving to. What do you see, hear and feel when you get where you are going and get what you want now?

This is to remind you to keep your attention on where you are going and how you will look, how good you will feel and what you will hear when you get there.

Remember, you have a destination in mind for your life and business.  You have to “drive”, take action to get from where you are to where you are going.  You can no longer allow the current or past trauma to take all of your attention.

Failure in a previous life situation can no longer keep you stranded on the side of the road staring and feeling afraid and helpless.  Hurt or humiliation from childhood can no longer take away your license to drive where you have chosen to go.

God has given you the keys to drive, to choose what you want to do with your life, to choose where you put your attention.  It is time to use that power God has given to you to decide exactly where you are going and then to put your attention on why you are going there, what you will do there and how you will feel there.

Show yourself the same compassion God has shown you when you feel stuck staring at the wreck on the side of the road.  Give the wreck a blessing and get back in the car and drive because you don’t have to stay here anymore.  You get to go to a new place that offers you more pleasure and life fulfillment and freedom.  It is in going from here to there; you get to experience more of the power of God’s love for you and that is really what you want right now. 



First you have to know what you want and get committed to your dream.



Now comes the art of manifesting.  It’s an amazing journey with clear concise steps to your dream.



Finally, the most important thing you must know to continually manifest unlimited wealth in your life.



Are You Living Your Dream?

February 25, 2013 in Blog, Business, Emotional Healing, Emotional Healing Training

Guest writer, Penny Langley, reflects on some of her experiences at EPTworks BusinessWorks Retreat.  Read and live the dream:

EPTworks Leadership Council from left: Jenn, Penny, Linda, Annette, Rhonda, Sherry

A rainbow greets us as we mount the top of the hill in beautiful Ocho Rios.  What does a Chiropractor, weight loss consultant, photographer, marriage counselor, massage therapist, and meditative techniques consultant have in common? We are living our Dream! Today, our “work” involves overcoming personal fears, letting go of stress and worries, and living in the now. Our mission for the day…TO CLIMB A WATERFALL…and get this…it’s in Jamaica!! Holding hands as a sign of support and unity, we take step after slippery step along moss covered rocks as we make the steep upward climb. We stop along the way to take time to play, using rocks as water slides, diving into pools of water and receiving water massages in a way that only nature can deliver…from water rushing over the falls.  

Why is this possible? We are all enjoying the financial growth of our businesses, companies WE own…the careers of our dreams!   Our success has been enhanced by BizWorks, a business course that facilitates you through the learning process of business visioning, sales projections, budget preparation and the creation of a business plan.  In BizWorks you will also receive a private EPT consultation with Dr. Annette Cargioli, the developer of a revolutionary healing system that will align your energy systems with personal and business success.  

It’s an amazing story.  Make it YOUR story.  Sign up for BizWorks today.  Live the Dream!   


Penny Langley

Chief Inspiration Officer, Healing Gardens Studio One

-guest writer



I Can’t Get Out Of Debt!

February 21, 2013 in Blog, Business, Emotional Healing, Emotional Healing Training, Forgiveness


There is a powerlessness about debt that is tangible.  There is a sense of suffering, guilt and not having enough in the experience of owing more than we can pay.  Debt is just money we owe.  It can be eliminated by paying the money we owe.  The debt is not our problem.  It is the way we feel about the debt that creates the suffering.  Once we enter that state of suffering, guilt and emptiness, it becomes impossible to take power over debt in our lives.  These negative feelings about money and debt usually come from childhood.  We absorb the feelings our parents hold about money and debt.

Many of us had debt transferred to us as children when it was implied that we owed for what we could never pay back from what has been given to us–clothes, food, gas, our house.  We were made to feel guilty for mom or dad working very hard just to pay for our things.  We took on beliefs that “I’m not enough” or “I’m not worth it”.  There is a sense of a debt I can never pay back, no matter what I earn or produce.  I will always feel this guilt, shame and powerlessness with the money I have because I still owe for my childhood.

The debt you must release is the debt your parents or you hold against yourself from childhood and all you were given.  This is the debt you can never pay.  You have created money debt in your life so you can continually be in the state of paying it off, in hopes to alleviate the guilt and suffering of the past.  The truth is, you can repay or resolve a money debt.  However, the debts from our childhood and emotional debts can never be repaid with money but only resolved through forgiveness.  Think about what exists in your life, besides financial debt, that you feel indebted with.  Maybe you are just trying to pay off an old debt that can only be resolved through forgiveness.  Use your power to let go of the debts in your life that can’t be resolved with money and see how easily you can get out of debt.

To feel better about your debt, read these statements aloud and inhale and exhale after each statement:

  • I forgive myself for believing I can’t get out of debt.
  • I forgive myself for believing I have to feel guilty, ashamed or unworthy because I have financial debt.
  • I forgive myself for believing by putting my attention on financial debt, I can take away feelings of guilt and shame from childhood.
  • I forgive myself for believing that money is the only debt I owe.
  • I forgive myself for believing I can’t let go of the bad feelings until I am debt free.
  • I forgive myself for believing I will always be in debt to my parents for what they gave me.
  • I forgive myself for holding myself in debt to my parents out of loyalty.
  • I forgive my parents for making me a debtor.
  • I forgive my parents for shaming me for having blessings in my life they worked hard for.
  • I forgive my parents for shaming me about money.
  • I forgive my parents for blaming me for their debt.
  • I give my parents permission to forgive me for blaming them.
  • I give my parents permission to forgive me for all debt I owe them.
  • I give my parents permission to forgive me for costing money.

These are a few forgiveness statements to help you let go of the debt you can not pay.
Enjoy and let me know what you think!


Are You Ready For A Change?

February 19, 2013 in Blog, Business, Emotional Healing, Emotional Healing Training, Health

are you ready for change

Sometimes you are certain you are ready for a change in your life.  It could be that you want to lose weight, start a new business, or change a relationship.  You find yourself waking up every day with the same old life.  You try some things but it never seems to work for you like it works for those who seem to be very successful. Here’s a couple tips for getting out of this stuck pattern and opening up to new actions that seriously move you forward into your dream reality.

  1. Get seriously committed to your dream. Get Leverage on what you really want to change.  Ask yourself if you really believe the way it is can change.  Are you fully committed to this new change?  Do you believe you can change it and change is possible and good?  Do you have to wait until you are deathly ill, before you can fully commit to better health habits?  Do you have to be bankrupt, before you can commit to a new business?  You get the idea.  Why is it imperative that your life change?
  2. Replace negative behaviors that meet your human needs with positive behaviors. Many of the patterns of behavior people can’t let go of, are rooted in meeting your most basic human needs. Tony Robbins defines these human needs as follows:
    1. The need for certainty:  to know that nothing bad will happen, everything will be okay. I won’t get hurt.
    2. The need for uncertainty: to have variety in my life so I won’t be bored. Excitement!
    3. The need for significance: to know I am important and valued, to know I matter.
    4. The need for connection: to know I am loved and connected to others or God in love. I am part of a family or community.

Observe what you do over and over that keeps you from getting what you really want.  For example, you may chronically eat too much or too much of the wrong foods.  In your family, it may have been expected to eat these foods to be part of the family.  Use EPTworks to identify and release the unhealthy ways you meet your human needs.  Give yourself permission to meet your human needs in healthier, more valuable ways that are good for you, good for your family and good for the world.


Next, cultivate the exact state of mind and body that matches your dream, before it actually happens …



Now comes the art of manifesting.  It’s an amazing journey with clear concise steps to your dream.



Finally, the most important thing you must know to continually manifest unlimited wealth in your life.


Manifesting What You Really Want In Your Life (Part 4)

February 17, 2013 in Blog, Business, Emotional Healing, Emotional Healing Training

Once you have clearly defined exactly “where you are” and “where you want to be”, you can begin to take better actions to get you to your “new destination” in the fastest, most enjoyable way possible.  Remember, getting to “where you want to be” is about focus.  Nick Pfennigwerth tells his readers,

“Properly focusing your mind is the number one most important factor you can master when it comes to manifesting money or anything else that you can imagine.”

To drive from Indianapolis to Boston takes virtually the same skills as it will take you to drive from “where you are” to “where you want to be. You must:

  1. Take your focus off Indianapolis.  Take your focus/energy off “problems”, where you feel “stuck” or where you have been “stuck” in the past.  Shift your energy of focus away from your current “pain” or failure.  Give up the stories you keep telling yourself about why you can’t “have it” or “feel it”.  Change from, “This is what I have to do” to “This is what I get to do.”
  2. Focus on Boston. Focus on where you want to be as though you are already there.  You fet to “feel” it before it happens.  You get to manifest the new awesome feelings before you get to where you want to be.
  3. Take action. You decide to take new action to get to “where you want to be”.  That action eventually crosses you over the gap between “where you are” and “where you want to be.

EPTworks is an amazing tool that quickly identifies and releases the emotional scarring that holds your internal focus in the past and keeps you circling around “Indianapolis”.


Manifesting What You Really Want in Your Life (Part 3)

February 15, 2013 in Blog, Business, Emotional Healing, Emotional Healing Training

In my last post, I walked you through getting clarity on “where you are”.  These descriptions of how you currently experience your business or work represent your minds internal representations of what your business is.  Due to the huge amount of attention you may be giving to your current internal representations, you are powerfully recreating exactly what you have come to know on a daily basis.  Isn’t it great to know, there is nothing wrong with you?  You are powerfully creating your current existence over and over again based on the internal representations you created and installed.  Be compassionate with yourself.  You have stuck with the only things you have known and without even being aware, you have recreated these things in your life over and over.

Did you get that?  Things aren’t happening to you. You are creating what is happening.  You create what is happening by where you place your mind’s attention.  If you want to discover where you are putting your mind’s attention, just look at where you are.  If you are in chronically in debt or cash poor that is an indication that your internal unconscious attention is fixed on debt and poverty.  You don’t need more money.  You need greater awareness.  You have to take your focus off what you know or have known and fix your focus on what you have not known.

When you understand how our brains and neurological filing systems work, then you realize that creating something you don’t know and shifting your attention from what you know to what you don’t know is nothing short of miraculous.

Because, up until now you have mostly created what you know, it is a lot easier to get clarity on “where you are”.  Now it is time to get clarity on “where you want to be”.  We’ll call that Boston.  Let’s say you don’t know anything about Boston but you want to go there.  You can only imagine Boston in comparison to where you have been or where you are.  This is an example of how you may put attention on Indianapolis and what you know about Indianapolis when you think of Boston—because you don’t know Boston.  In describing exactly where you want to be in your business, it can be difficult to create something new, that isn’t just defined by opposing where you are.  It is possible to dream a bigger dream, to step out of what you know into what God knows for your life.  I’ve warned you this can be more challenging, but I believe in you.  You can do it.

Start writing your list describing where you choose to be in your business.

  • How many hours per week do you work?
  • What is your annual business income?
  • What are your annual business expenses? (or what percentage of business income is expense related)
  • How much do you pay yourself?  Include business perks as well.
  • What is your biggest “problem” in your business that prevents you from expanding into more success?
  • What do you love in your business?  What kind of people do you have as clients?
  • What is most exciting about your business?
  • Do you enjoy your business “where you want it to be”?
  • What would make your business “where you want it to be” more enjoyable for you?
  • What do you LOVE about this business?
  • What do you FEAR about this business?

When you finish this list, you will have defined “Where you are” and “Where you want to be”.  Good job!!  You may notice there is a gap between these two locations.  All you need to cross that gap are the same skills you already use to drive from Indianapolis to Boston.

In part 4 of Manifesting What You Really Want in Your Life I’ll explain how you can cross that “gap” in the fastest most enjoyable way possible.

Penny Langley is a masterful facilitator at EPTworks Business Works Retreat.  Her expertise is in helping people connect to their bigger dream, the one they have not known and to connect people to the financial reality that exists in their dream.  Consider joining Penny and I for an amazing Retreat that will open you up to the amazing business you are dreaming of and position you on the path to manifest your business dream.

EPTworks Business Works takes place in Indianapolis March 1-3.



Manifesting What You Really Want in Your Life (part 2)

February 14, 2013 in Blog, Business, Emotional Healing, Emotional Healing Training

Before you can start manifesting what you want, you have to get crystal clear on exactly what you are currently manifesting.  Get very specific about where you are existing in your business and money right now.  Make a list describing where you are.  To make this list, think about what you put your attention on.  What is your current “focus” or energy on? How much do you pay yourself?  Include your business perks like trips or business clothing, free services or any other business perks you can think of.

What phrases do you say over and over about your business? “I need more clients.” “I don’t have enough money.”“I can’t pay myself.”“This is too hard.”“People can’t afford me.”  “People don’t trust me.”  “People don’t want to pay me.” “I’m too expensive.” “No one in my area gets it.” “I need to advertise.” “I’m afraid.” “This is never getting better.”

Who do you see in your business that you love and enjoy the most?

What do you enjoy the most about your business?

Do you spend time thinking about how much service your clients can afford?

What is your biggest “problem” in your business that prevents it from being a success?

How do you feel “emotionally” about your business growing?  This is how you “feel” right now in you current business, thinking about growing or expanding your business.

What phrases do you say over and over about this? “My business will never be successful.”  “I don’t know how to make it happen.” “I don’t have time for more.” “I don’t know how to do it.” “I don’t deserve money or success.” “I have to work harder to deserve more.” “I have to be perfect to deserve more.”

What do you LOVE in your business right now?

What gives you PAIN or FEAR in your business right now?

It is very important to be in the space you are in.  You must get crystal clear on where you are and where you are going to chart the best way to get there.  Spend a little time to describe where you currently “live” in your business.  We’ll call that location, Indianapolis.  This is your current location–how you exist and what you recognize to identify as your current business and business experience.

The thoughts you hold for your current business are your mind’s internal representation of where you are when you are at work.  By identifying these internal representations of your business, you   open your awareness to let them go for a new experience of how you do business.

In part three of this blog series, Manifesting What You Really Want in Your Life, we will get clarity on where you want to be and why clarity and focus on this is necessary to arriving at your new location.

One of the best writers I have seen on this subject of manifesting, Nick Pfennigwerth writes

From my experience and interviewing many successful people on this planet, properly focusing your mind is the number one most important factor that you can master when it comes to manifesting money or anything else that you can imagine.

How you direct and use your focus is completely responsible for the results you get in life.
When I talk about focus, I am referring to your conscious attention and your internal representations, which are all one in the same.

At EPTworks Business Works Retreat, we use EPTworks to help you to master the focus your mind on what you really want, making your journey from where you are in business to where you want to be an easy, more fun and enjoyable journey.

EPTworks Business Works takes place March 1-3 in Indianapolis. Find details at EPTworks.com