EPT™ Lifeworks Beach Escape

Do you have painful family issues you would love to heal but have no idea how?
Is your life running faster than you are; leaving a load of emotional stress in you and your family?
Are you struggling with health problems caused by an emotional mess in your life?
Do you just need a break from “life as you know it” to relax, breathe in ocean air and recharge your battery?


 Holistic Emotional Healing


Heal your life in 3 Days at the Beach!

Then EPTworks™ Lifeworks Healing Beach Escape could be the prescription you’ve been looking for. I know what it’s like to feel stuck in life, worn out and run over trying to meet everyone else’s demands while my own needs for rest and healing get put on the back burner. I created the Lifeworks Holistic Healing Escape  as a premium continuing education class where EPTworks™ practitioners heal their own stuff so they are better trained to heal others.

Although most of my participants are EPTworks™ practitioners: you don’t have to be trained in EPTworks™ to participate. I allow a limited number of “guests” to participate in this incredible gathering of great healers and experience the phenomenon of EPTworks™ healing.


Decide NOW EPTworks™ Lifeworks Holistic Healing Escape is what you need in your life!  


03_DividerLineGrayYou don’t have to keep saying YES to a life that is less than awesome.

  • You will love escaping to an environment of unconditional love and support.
  • You will witness and participate in phenomenal healing for yourself, your family and others.
  • You will experience a transformation that opens your heart to loving more than you ever imagined possible.

At Lifeworks Holistic Healing Escape you will get:

  • Luxurious Accommodations which gives you maximum comfort and relaxation!
  • Linda Cs Healthy Gourmet Cuisine so you get to learn how easy it is to eat and prepare delicious nutritional meals.
  • A spectacular beach setting that will lift your soul and calm your spirit and help you to connect you to who you really want to be now.
  • To Join in with Enlightened Practitioners whose growth and development has been enhanced by EPTworks™, opening you up to the possibilities of amazing friendships as you embark on your journey of self discovery.

03_DividerLineGrayReasons you may be apprehensive about registering for

EPTworks™ Lifeworks Beach Escape

“I’m afraid I will spend $1500 and not benefit.”

Making a financial commitment to improving your life is necessary to gain growth and development.  Phenomenal healing does not happen for free.

“I’m beyond help. This won’t work for me.”

This is a common belief that keeps people from seeking healing. You have a limiting belief that is so ingrained that you can’t see it.  This limiting belief makes you feel stuck without any help.  EPTworks™ is designed to quickly uncover your limiting beliefs and release them so you can move forward in your life. 

“I’m afraid it will conflict with my spiritual or religious beliefs or I don’t share in these beliefs.”

EPTworks™ is designed to change emotional, physiological and neurological patterns of belief.  This technique can be applied to any belief system and illicit positive change in your life experience.

“I don’t have time to leave my work or family.”

People who don’t believe they have time are the ones who need Lifeworks the most. Removing yourself from your everyday stressful environment allows for a heightened healing potential for your life.

“I won’t be able to participate or understand what is happening.”

We have multiple skilled practitioners who are there to instruct, support and guide you through the EPTworks™ process. 

“I won’t fit in. I don’t know anyone.”

We love recommending for you to come with your BFF, however to be perfectly honest, our community environment is beyond welcoming and accepting of all people.  Just know that you are here to be loved and we love you.

“I need privacy and alone time in groups.”

This event is exclusive.  We do not allow more than 12 participants to insure our schedule can allow time for personal reflection and or shopping.  Rooms are assigned no more than 2 people per room.  Spacious beach houses ranging in size from 4000-7000 sf provide ample space for everyone.  The beach allows for personal escape as well.

“I’m afraid my life experiences, issues and faults will be harshly judged.”

It is not uncommon to feel shame about your life experiences.  Lifeworks is a safe place where you can release the shame and guilt of your past and gain acceptance to begin something brand new. 

Our EPTworks™ Lifeworks Guarantee:

If you don’t agree that Lifeworks Holistic Healing Escape is an amazing adventure in love, energy healing and forgiveness that is helpful to your life; just let us know within 7 days of your experience and we will refund 100% of the money you paid EPTwork™ to be there.

03_DividerLineGrayIt’s really easy to reserve your spot.

Click BELOW to reserve your place at the next Lifeworks Holistic Healing Escape

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  • Fill out your personal and payment information.
  • Then look for your email confirmation and receipt.
  • Finally an EPTworks™ representative will then contact you to give you all the juicy details you need to know about exactly when to arrive, details on transportation from the airport to the house, what to bring and the healing intentions worksheet you will need to fill out and return to us before Lifeworks.

With only 18 available spots for registration they fill up fast! Click NOW to secure your reservation and relax because everything is about to get a whole lot easier! 



LifeWorks #32 April 28-May 1, Register

LifeWorks #33 May 2-May 5, Register

LifeWorks #34 October 31 – November 3, Register