How an Ice Pack Can Save Your Life From A Heart Attack

September 11, 2013 in Blog, Emotional Healing, Emotional Healing Training, Forgiveness, Health by Annette

German New Medicine, founded by Dr. Ryke Hamer, explains the emotional, psychological and biological connections of cancer and all chronic diseases. (new

Dr. Joseph Mercola posted an amazing youtube video called German New Medicine Explains Heart Attacks.  In this video, you can learn how territorial conflicts are a common denominator in almost all heart attacks.

Dr. Hamer explains that an emotional conflict arises in persons life, such as a territorial conflict.  As the conflict arises, the biology of the body changes to meet the conflict.  Once the conflict is resolved; the biology of the body returns to it’s normal state of being.

In a territorial conflict, the biology of the heart enlarges in anticipation of the fight for territory.  A CEO may be in this state ongoing as he fights for the expanding territory of the company.  Once he retires and there is no longer a fight to engage in; the biology of the heart returning to normal too rapidly can be the cause of a heart attack.

To eliminate the chest pain or heart symptoms of this heart returning to normal biology;  Dr. Hamer suggests placing an icepack over the heart target area of the brain.  This area is located just above the right ear on the skull.

So when you know of someone who is having chest pain or tightness or an actual heart attack; immediately place an icepack over their right ear as you go for medical care.  You will never hurt someone by doing this and you just may save someone’s life.