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How To Heal Your Broken Heart


Everyone has at some time or another had their heart broken. Your expectation of what you hoped would be gets shattered and there you are dying inside from the loss of love and the hope of what you wanted it to be.  It is devastating. The pain from a broken heart always crosses the boundary from emotional to physical as you feel a huge loss of energy to express your joy. This pain gets in the way of you easily creating what you really want in your life, health and relationships.DividerLineGray

Broken heart healing

When your heart is broken, you need help. Not the “do it yourself” tricks, but real honest to goodness human love and compassion.



You can pretend it the pain is not that bad and keep shoving it under the rug but that’s just going to cause more pain in the long run.


Get that song out of my head

This is right where most people get stuck and don’t know how to change it. 



Divorce is the ultimate loss in our most treasured relationships.  It can devastate our hope for future relationships and threaten our children’s happiness.



Loving does not carry the promise that allows you to control the outcomes of your relationships. People you love can hurt you.


Learn more ways to transform your relationships with energy, intuition and forgiveness.


EPTworks™ is an amazing tool that can help heal a broken heart forever.

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