EPTworks™ Business Tool

Feed your mind daily with positive messages for your  business.

A mind-movie is a short video designed to feed your mind with positive messages that increase your confidence and joy doing what you love.  A mind-movie allows you to put your attention on where you are going in a way that feels uplifting and enjoyable.

I created an EPTworks™ mind-movie as a support tool for EPTworks™ practitioners who are serious about building their business and expertise in EPTworks™.

The secret to a mind-movie working for you is that you actually watch it every day.  I recommend watching the EPTworks™ mind-movie at least twice a day.  You can even passively watch it (pop it up on your computer and let it play in front of you while you are checking your email on your iPhone or reading a book.) and it will still impact your subconscious in a positive way.  Just like a TV commercial that gets stuck in your head, a mind-movie will play continuously in your mind even when you are not watching it.  

For those who are computer creative, you may want to produce your own personal mind-movie, however, I believe the one I produced will take you a long way in improving your confidence level and skill level.

Once you start using the mind-movie, you will start to notice a greater sense of ease and joyful anticipation when working with an EPTworks™ client.  Doing EPTworks™ will just seem to get easier and more natural for you.

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