Episode 60 Here’s a Quick Way to Know Your Hidden Limiting Beliefs

May 30, 2016 in Listen Now by EptworksMarketing

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Here’s a Quick Way to Know Your Hidden Limiting Beliefs

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Episode 60


Hello friends and welcome to episode #60 titled
Here’s a quick way to know your hidden limiting beliefs
In this episode you will learn:
-how to identify your own hidden beliefs 
-Why this is helpful to your life
-and of course, how to use forgiveness to transform those beliefs that no longer serve you into something that actually makes your life much better than you deserve.
Your beliefs operate to limit your perception of reality. You can only see or notice what you believe in. If you don’t believe in the miraculous, you are not likely to see a miracle or if you do see a miracle, you will not believe it really happened and you will explain it away.
If you believe that most people think that alternative health care is a waste of time and money; you will attract more of those people.
If you believe you can’t pay taxes and personal bills; you will have a hard time making enough money to pay both.
By figuring out your hidden limiting beliefs, you can transform them with forgiveness and open up to new life experiences you have never known.
So are you ready to broaden your perception of reality and see more of your dreams come true?

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