Episode 58 How to Get Skinny and Stay Skinny with EPT

May 9, 2016 in Listen Now by EptworksMarketing


How to Get Skinny and Stay Skinny with EPT

EPTworks: Listen, Love, Give Podcast

Episode 58


In this episode, you get to listen to three sisters, Annette, Linda and Sherry, discuss how to get skinny and stay skinny with EPT. 
You will learn:
Each sister’s unique history of struggling with body weight and body image.
What made the biggest difference for each one of them.
The turning point emotional issue that worked for each of them.
We will also include thoughts and ideas about eating to enable feeling vs. eating to stop feelings.
Finally, we will give you the best healthy eating actions you can learn to take to stay skinny along with some fun tips for healthy food options that can take the place of the unhealthy food you love and crave. 
Listen and be inspired to move in the healthiest direction for your body, life and future.



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