Emotional Polarity Technique Core Training

Do you love alternative healing? Do you love helping people? Would you love helping people, even your own family, with a holistic emotional therapy that is super fast, effective and most of all, practical?

ept training


EPT™ Core Training will change your life forever.


You will learn how to:

Help people overcome the limitations from the past that are limiting health, happiness and success now.

What’s holding them back from the awesome life they dream of? Sometimes they think they know what their limitations are. Other times, it feels like being stuck and having no clue how or what to let go of. Take this training and you will become an expert in helping others overcome the limitations from their past. You will never again be left wondering how to overcome or what to overcome to improve the life, health and relationships of everyone you know.

Identify the emotional cause of physical and emotional pain in others and help them release it.

With Emotional Polarity Technique™ (EPT™) you become an expert in helping your client’s heal some of the most difficult life situations like divorce, death, cancer, abuse, autism, trauma, depression, anxiety and failure. When life hits hard, you will be empowered to help those you love the most, your family,children and grandchildren.

Use muscle response testing to pinpoint with laser precision the exact memories in a person’s life that hold them hostage from the life they dream.

Simply put, Muscle Testing is a simple to learn skill, which enables you, the practitioner to literally “read” the human body. By using muscle testing, you will be able to cut through years of emotional clutter with amazing accuracy, reaching the precise memory and trapped emotion that hold your client hostage from experiencing the joy they long for. This skill saves an immense amount of time, giving you the needed credibility as you are able to get straight to the core of any issue.

Develop, fine-tune and learn to trust your innate, God-given intuition.

Learning to “let go & let God” work through you is vital in the work of healing and you can do it! As you progress through your EPT™ training, you will find it becoming easier and easier. With a little patience and practice, you will be amazed at the valuable insight you will be able to bless others with, even your own family.

Know the unique forgiveness statements your client can say to evoke an immediate collapsing healing change.

Did you know that forgiveness has been scientifically proven to improve physical health? We believe that every healing endeavor should include forgiveness. You will learn Cognitive Thought Processing skills that enable you to lead your client through unique affirmation and forgiveness statements that powerfully bring about lasting emotional and physical healing on a cellular level.

Know exactly how to identify and transform your client’s limiting core beliefs.

Core beliefs are formed out of childhood experienced that tell you: who you are, what you think of yourself, what to expect in life and what you are not allowed to do and be.Core beliefs hold the greatest influence over what a person can or cannot create in life. Changing the limiting core beliefs in a person’s life is the greatest game-changer. The best part is that you can do it with forgiveness.

Short-cut tapping methods

We really love EFT, and all those tapping points that allow people to help themselves. We just believe that the energy of one person loving another through the healing process is more powerful than any self-help method. Simply put, when I release the pain of my childhood, I want a loving person to support me and love me through it. You will short-cut tapping methods with magnetic energy and precisely targeted statements formed from a deeply held conviction of love and value for another human being.

Combine the love you already know with this leading edge holistic emotional healing technique to become a great healer.

Realize that feeling better and healing can happen faster and easier than you think. Some people spend a lifetime carrying around all the emotional junk that weighs them down. For most of these folks, they just don’t know how to let it go. As you get better at seeing the love of God already existing in each person, you become an expert in helping them to release what no longer serves them, opening the way for an outrageous new life.

Thank you for all your work in creating E.P.T. You have given me a structure within which I can use my gift of intuition! I love people so very much and with E.P.T. I can serve people in a way that can craft REAL CHANGE! ~~Deanna Robbins~~Kiss the Sky


When you ENROLL for Emotional Polarity Technique Core Training you get:

  • EPT™ Core Training Materials (includes hard copy manual, flash drive with 12 video lessons, 6 actual video case studies)Dr. Annette Cargioli walks you through the basics of how it’s done so you can review over and over and become more confident.
  • EPT™ chart/laminated cards
  • Two- 14 disc neodymium magnet pads: (one side is entirely North pole and the other side is entirely South pole energy)
  • Magnets are used to speed up the physical/emotional release from the body’s energy system.
  • We show you how to use magnetic energy to open the energy field and improve the current flow of energy super fast.


Three 2-day Trainings: EPT™ Core Training Classes

Level 1:

  • A 2-day hands-on training where you will learn the foundational skills that are needed to be effective with EPT™.
  • You will learn and gain skill in muscle testing, and holistic body scanning with magnets. 
  • You will learn to find it: the hidden body memory, fix it: the body’s reaction to the memory and forgive it: the hurt within the hidden memory.
  • Ample time is given for practical skill practice with others in the class as well as qualified instructors.
  • You will not only help others in this class, you will experience healing yourself.

Level 2:

  • A 2-day training where you will learn shortcuts to unveil core issues and see faster healing results.
  • Use of Barbara Brennan’s seven stages of healing with muscle testing upgrades your skill and allows you to bring out your own healing genius. 
  • You will learn to tap into the unconscious mind to discover very real memories that are getting in the way of healing.
  • You will gain a practical understanding of how to release limiting beliefs with the art of forgiveness.                                                                                         
  • You really start to master this work and start to realize your own potential to help others in a very practical and transforming way.
  • There is plenty of time given for practical skill practice with others in the class and qualified instructors.
  • Again in this class, you will encounter your own personal healing experience during practice workshop time.

Level 3:

  • A 2-day training where you will learn advanced concepts of family energy dynamics including family and business constellation energy healing work.
  • This class combines all of the skills you have learned so far and puts them to practical, observable use in family constellation energy healing work. 
  • Yes, you will see the amazing dynamic of how energy works and moves within a family and how you can make healing changes that directly impact the energy dynamic of the family–opening the family to more love. 
  • It is common in this class to experience a heightened sense of your own God-given intuitive insight.
  • It is easier than you ever knew.  Beautiful changes in health, family relationships and family love occur in this class in an almost miraculous way.
  • This class is virtually all experiential and hands on practice of the energy concepts within the context of EPT™.


Cost of Core Training:  A $3900 investment for your life, your family and your future. DividerLineGray

Reasons you may be apprehensive about registering for EPT™ Core Training

I’m afraid I will spend $3900 and not use it or benefit.

The healing you get to experience and the practical training for your life, healing, relationships and forgiveness will truly change your life for good and make your life better. You can create income by offering EPT™ as a service to help others change their lives. Gaining a better understanding of the practical use of forgiveness, alone will empower you in all future life challenges you will face. Life is unpredictable. Hard things happen unexpectedly. By learning EPT™ you prepare yourself to heal the things in life that are bound to break your heart or someone you love. The value of EPT™ just for your family alone is worth so much more than the cost of this course.  

I’m not sure why I should take this training if I’m not interested in having my own healing business.

The EPT™ Core Training is a hands on training that makes you an emotional healing expert and gives you amazing skills to heal relationships.  You get to experience your own personal healing within the training while you gain insight for having better relationships in your life. Life is unpredictable. Hard things are bound to happen.  EPT™ prepares you to better handle the unexpected things that can happen. You can use this training to help your own family heal their emotional hurt and trauma.

I’m beyond help. This won’t work for me.

This is a common belief that keeps people from seeking healing.  You have a limiting belief that is so ingrained that you can’t see it.  This limiting belief makes you feel stuck without any help.  EPT™ is designed to quickly uncover your limiting beliefs and release them so you can move forward in your life.

I’m afraid it will conflict with my spiritual or religious beliefs (or lack thereof)

EPT™ is designed to change emotional, physiological and neurological patterns of belief.  This technique can be applied to any spiritual or religious beliefs (or lack thereof) and illicit a positive change in life experience.

I won’t be able to participate or understand what is happening.

You will have the basics of EPT™ in your Home Study Course materials. You can review everything over and over with video tutorials so you can feel confident to master this technique practicing at home.  At our two-day trainings we have multiple skilled practitioners who are there to instruct, support and guide you through the EPT™ process. Many EPT™ students have felt afraid they couldn’t do this or understand.  You will be amazed at your own progress and while we can’t say you are a master of EPT™ at the end of your Core Training; we can say that you will be capable of helping others with this technique beyond what you ever imagined.  

I’m afraid my life experiences, issues and faults will be harshly judged.

It is not uncommon to feel shame about your life experiences.  EPT™ Core Training is a safe, confidential place where you can release the shame and guilt of your past and gain acceptance to begin something brand new.  Rest assured that people who are drawn to do this work, are some of the most compassionate people on the earth.  Know that, in all our EPT™ events you are here to be loved and we love you.  No matter what your life experience, we still see the God who loves us in you.

I don’t have time to leave my work or family for three classes.

Removing yourself from your everyday stressful environment allows you the space you need to rejuvenate and improve your life.  How can you expect others to commit to your improved life, if you lack your own commitment?  When you commit to making your life better, everyone in your life can make the same commitment for you and themselves. If you don’t make this commitment to better your life, family and future, things will continue to be the way they have always been.  Making your life more of what you really want starts with your commitment to the change you want to see.  It can start right here.  Decide to take EPT™ Core Training.  You deserve the time it takes to change your life.

Our EPT™ Training guarantee:

If you decide after the first class, this training is not for you, let us know.  You may return all your course materials for a full refund.


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