The Forgiveness Doctor Chapter 7 part 2: Shortcuts: Putting it All Together and The Seven Stages of Healing| Episode 48|EPTworks Listen, Love, Give Podcast | Holistic Emotional Therapy | Forgiveness

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Putting it All Together and The Seven Stages of Healing -part 1| Episode 47|EPTworks Listen, Love, Give Podcast | Holistic Emotional Therapy | Forgiveness

Chapter 7 – Putting it All Together and The Seven Stages of Healing-part2

EPTworks: Listen, Love, Give Podcast – Episode 48

Hi I’m Dr. Annette Cargioli the forgiveness doctor.  I’m here to help you create phenomenal, health happiness and new life with energy, intuition, and forgiveness. Ept is short for emotional polarity technique, an innovative holistic emotional therapy that will change your life for good.  You can subscribe to this podcast and get free EPT training at and like us on Facebook.


The Seven Stages of Healing is a scale that measures where a person is with regard to their spiritual awareness. The higher a person is on the scale, the faster they can respond to any healing modality. since people are multi-dimensional, a person can be in one stage of healing with regard to their body image, another stage of healing with regard to their marriage relationship, and yet another stage of healing with regard to their financial health.
As you begin to understand the seven stages of healing, you will see the value of just knowing this scale and how it explains where you have been, where you are stuck and where you are going.


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Chapter 6 – Let’s Talk About Forgiveness | Episode 46 | EPTworks Listen, Love, Give Podcast | Holistic Emotional Therapy | Forgiveness

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Chapter 6 – Let’s Talk about forgiveness  EPTworks: Listen, Love, Give Podcast

Chapter 6 – Let’s Talk about forgiveness

EPTworks: Listen, Love, Give Podcast – Episode 46

Hi I’m Dr. Annette Cargioli the forgiveness doctor.  I’m here to help you create phenomenal, health happiness and new life with energy, intuition, and forgiveness. Ept is short for emotional polarity technique, an innovative holistic emotional therapy that will change your life for good.  You can subscribe to this podcast and get free EPT training at and like us on Facebook.

Way back in 1989, I was transforming my chiropractic practice into a holistic healing practice that included chiropractic care and nutritional advice. I had begun using muscle testing as a tool when consulting with patients. In 1991 when i took NET with Scott Walker, I was ready for more energy work training. I was greatly influenced by his work. By the end of 1995, I had developed a simplified emotional energy correction with magnets and breathing. I had also moved deeply into the realm of the power of forgiveness. My Christian background had taught me how forgiveness works in my soul salvation. However, I was learning how forgiveness is simply the immense power of Christ’s love for all who honor it. No matter what your faith, you can see and feel the power of healing in Christ’s love. It just is.


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Are you ready for change!

February 21, 2014 in Blog, Emotional Healing Training, Forgiveness by Annette

Sometimes you are certain you are ready for a change in your life.  It could be that you want to lose weight, start a new business, or change a relationship.  You find yourself waking up every day with the same old life.  You try some things but it never seems to work for you like it works for those who seem to be very successful. Here’s a couple tips for getting out of this stuck pattern and opening up to new actions that seriously move you forward into your dream reality.

Get seriously committed to your dream.

Get Leverage on what you really want to change.  Ask yourself if you really believe the way it is can change.  Are you fully committed to this new change?  Do you believe you can change it and change is possible and good?  Do you have to wait until you are deathly ill, before you can fully commit to better health habits?  Do you have to be bankrupt, before you can commit to a new business?  You get the idea.  Why is it imperative that your life change?

Replace negative behaviors that meet your human needs with positive behaviors.

Many of the patterns of behavior people can’t let go of, are rooted in meeting your most basic human needs. Tony Robbins defines these human needs as follows:

  1. The need for certainty:  to know that nothing bad will happen, everything will be okay. I won’t get hurt.
  2. The need for uncertainty: to have variety in my life so I won’t be bored. Excitement!
  3. The need for significance: to know I am important and valued, to know I matter.
  4. The need for connection: to know I am loved and connected to others or God in love. I am part of a family or community.

Observe what you do over and over that keeps you from getting what you really want.  For example, you may chronically eat too much or too much of the wrong foods.  In your family, it may have been expected to eat these foods to be part of the family.  Use EPTworks to identify and release the unhealthy ways you meet your human needs.  Give yourself permission to meet your human needs in healthier, more valuable ways that are good for you, good for your family and good for the world.

You can be happy!

February 6, 2014 in Blog, Emotional Healing, Emotional Healing Training, Forgiveness by Paige Cargioli

Do you ever feel like…

Nothing I do or don’t do will make me happy.  I’m destined to be sad FOREVER. I think something will make me happy, but nothing will.  Therefore, I will never be happy…

Maybe you’re not happy with your job, a situation, just life in general… We all have those moments when we feel like we will never be happy again. Think of a child (or adult) throwing a tantrum, at that moment, they genuinely believe that they may never ever be happy again… Maybe it’s because they didn’t get their way, or maybe because of a significant trauma. But genuine joy is possible. Read the rest of this entry →

3 Statements that Heal Everything (by Paige Cargioli)

January 24, 2014 in Blog, Emotional Healing, Emotional Healing Training, Forgiveness by Paige Cargioli

3statments3That’s right, there are only three statements, well, forms of statements that can heal everything. They are 1) I forgive myself (for believing)... 2) I forgive others (whoever that person(s) is in your life that you need to forgive)… and 3) I give others permission to forgive me (when I hurt them the same way I was/am/hurt)… Combining these statements together creates holistic, past, present, and future healing.

Present: I forgive myself…

This might be kind of strange to start with, but forgiving yourself should be the easiest thing you can do (you’re the only person involved here!). However, I say “should” because, well, it’s not always so easy. Forgiving yourself is often the last part of healing anyone ever thinks of, especially if this forgiveness also involves someone else. One of the way EPTworks frames this forgiveness statement is usually with a qualifier, for example, “I forgive myself for believing…”

For example, when something bad happens to me, or I make a mistake, it may cause me to believe something negative about myself that reinforces repetition of the issue. If I believe I am a victim, I may continue to be victimized. If I believe I am unloveable, I will not feel love. If I believe I have no control, I may constantly be looking for places in my life where I can control. Until I forgive myself for believing these negative things about myself, how can I heal from them? How can I get over them? Even if someone else supported the cause of these negative belief patterns, I still have the power to forgive and let go of how I treat myself regardless of how someone else treats me.

Forgiveness of self empowers and helps survivors completely heal. There is often opposition to forgiveness in abusive situations, that is to say, if I forgive, I will continue to be hurt or victimized. Forgiving oneself protects against this, because as soon as I let go of and forgive the belief that I deserve a certain situation, or that it’s my fault, or that I can’t change, I am able to walk away and potentially break the cycle. And all this can happen before even considering the next statement!

Think about what you might believe to keep you in negative patterns, pain, and illness, and forgive yourself for believing it.

Past: I forgive others…

This is what most people think of when they think of forgiveness.

I forgive you.

Well, we know that’s not true based on the first statement. Forgiveness is much more multifaceted, but as annoying as forgiving another person can be, it is also necessary to do in order to heal everything. No man is an island. No one lives in a vacuum. So, there is always someone else to blame for our problems, issues, pain, etc etc etc. Even if I, all myself self, make a mistake, there is so much at work you may not even be aware of that might have caused you to make that “mistake.”

Take, for example, whatever is generationally or genetically (?) at work in a family, and then there is a teenage pregnancy. Usually, the situation is not an isolated event. More often than not, the mother also had a teenage pregnancy, maybe an aunt or a grandmother or a sister… There is always someone else. Same goes for lots of familial patterns. One would think that we would learn from our history… But alas.

In this example, the girl who got pregnant unexpectedly as a teenager may have, first, just believed, based on her familial/generational examples and patterns that this is just what girls do. Then, she may need for forgive whoever (mom, grandma, aunt) for teaching her (not explicitly) to get pregnant as a teenager, and she may need to forgive whoever else was involved at the time of pregnancy, maybe even (generationally) the men that would have been involved.

The list of people and feelings that need to be forgiven can go on and on. EPTworks helps to pin-point the exact time period and people involved that established a negative pattern and forgive the specific issues related to the pattern in order to move on and heal completely.

Other patterns that might exist? Cancer, suicide, abuse, divorce, or addiction… What and who do you have in your life that you know you need to forgive for establishing negative belief patterns in your life?

Future: I give others permission to forgive me…

This is probably the strangest and least intuitive statement, but it really rounds out the process. This statement is tough, because it is essentially saying, “I give other permission to forgive me, when I do the exact same thing to them!”

I hate to admit this to myself, but I do the exact same things to others that I hate. If I believe I am alone or unloveable, then maybe I will push people away, or be a regular downer (making no one want to be around me). I will do things to others that potentially could make them feel unloved or alone. In my negative selfish pattern, I end up doing to others what someone else did to me, and them blame them?! What is wrong with me?

Like forgiving myself is present oriented, forgiving other is past oriented, giving others permission to forgive me is future oriented. I am anticipating that I will make a mistake, and allowing the other person(s) to forgive me for all the times I do (from the time of the originating event until the end of time).

Where in your life might you be doing the exact same thing to someone else that you dislike or do to yourself to keep negative patterns?

There you have it…

Those are three statements that heal everything. Forgiveness crossing time and space, life and death, and all that jazz. Practicing well-rounded forgiveness is exactly what EPTworks is all about. Not just to heal the past, but to launch you into a happier future.

-By Paige Cargioli


The Secret to Being a Great Healer

October 9, 2013 in Forgiveness by Annette

Don’t you love learning faster, amazing ways of helping someone heal?  The more techniques, tricks and remedies you learn, the more you realize how infinite healing resources are. As you learn more and more, your healing bag becomes full and overflowing with incredible ideas, techniques and remedies to help people get well.

While great techniques can help people heal.  A great technique is not the secret to being a great healer.

The secret to being a great healer is your relationship with God.  Realize that you are not the source that creates healing.  Rather, it is your relationship with your divine source that allows you to  manifest healing at every level.

My favorite prayer to remind myself that God is the healer:

“God I can’t do it. Please do it for me.”

Use this prayer when you are healing others and you will experience even greater joy, peace and deeper understanding of God’s love for you and those you serve.

Cultivate a meaningful relationship with God, through meditation, silence, prayer, praise and worship. Create a discipline to do this on a daily basis as though this relationship matters to you. Drink daily from the well of your divine source.  It is in this divine relationship that you will know the secret to being a great healer.

Share your favorite ways of meeting with God in your life.  I’d love to hear.

Warning New Students Moving at Light Speed!!

October 2, 2013 in Blog, Business, Emotional Healing, Emotional Healing Training, Forgiveness by Annette

By Sherry Hamilton

I want new students of EPTworks™ to realize that when first learning the bulk of information and new skills needed to practice, you may feel like you are going slow, but you really are going at light-speed and you WILL do amazing things even as a beginner.  I remember leaving my first class almost 20 years ago, and feeling very slow at using the techniques– especially compared with Dr. Annette, the inventor of EPTworks™.  Even though she is my sister, I craved her encouragement that I could “do” EPTworks™ and help others in the way she had helped me.  She was confident that as a new practitioner, I could accomplish amazing outcomes.

The week after my first class I had my first paying client.  She was a 16 year old girl referred by a chiropractor.  The girl sat in front of me and told me her problem, “I sit down at the dinner table.  Then I have to go throw up before I can actually eat.  This has been going on daily for about two years.”  She explained how the doctors had been unable to help her control this.  She had been scoped from both ends, and she was feeling very upset.  She had visible scars on her face and arms.  She had been thrown threw a car windshield two years before and had been through several surgeries as well as still having glass coming out of some of her scars.  This car wreck happened the day before she was going to have an interview at a modeling agency.  The wreck changed the course of her life and the scars from the wreck changed any hope for her to be a model.

I had my EPTworks™ manual opened and my flow charts laying on the table beside her as I wrote down her story.  I began to methodically go through the steps one by one that I had learned a week earlier in class:  “Find It.  Fix It.  Forgive It.”  I remember working for one hour and the idea that she believed her whole life had been ruined because of this car wreck.  I had her repeat, “I forgive myself for believing my whole life is ruined because of this wreck and because I missed out on being a model.”  I kept going with EPTworks™.  Finding imbalance in her emotional body, placing the magnets as directed by the body, directing her to breathe, and then stating specific forgiveness.  She came back one more time a week later.  She said that she had only thrown up one time in that week!  This was a huge improvement from her previous experience, and she was much happier and more relaxed.

It has been almost 20 years since I took my first class to learn how to “do” EPTworks™ for myself and for my children. I attained that goal.  Beyond that I have hundreds to thousands of amazing stories where I got to help others in their healing using my skills with EPTworks™.  “Thank-you” to my sister for teaching and encouraging me to keep on practicing and helping others!!  It is an amazing journey.  And now I get to help others learn how to “do” EPTworks™!!  Thanks again Dr. Annette!

EPTworks™ BusinessWorks is a three-day training that helps you with these three steps to uncover the gold that exists in you and your business right now.

  • Sign up to attend and you will get hands on attention to expand your business.
  • Individual sessions with Dr. Annette Cargioli allows you to break through the invisible barriers that are holding you back
  • Individual sessions with Penny Langely allow you to dream a bigger dream and actually see the reality of your dreams coming true before you leave this three days.
  • This is an exclusive event. We limit our training to no more than 10 people.
  • If you are ready and looking for ways to love your business more and take your success to the next level; EPTworks™ BusinessWorks is for you!


Here’s a Quick Way To Know Your Hidden Limiting Beliefs

September 18, 2013 in Blog, Emotional Healing, Emotional Healing Training, Forgiveness by Annette

Your beliefs operate to limit your perception of reality.

You can only see or notice what you believe in.  If you don’t believe in the miraculous, you are not likely to see a miracle or if you do see a miracle, you will not believe it really happened and you will explain it away.

If you believe that most people think that alternative health care is a waste of time and money; you will attract more of those people.

If you believe you can’t pay taxes and personal bills; you will have a hard time making enough money to pay both.

By figuring out your hidden beliefs, you can transform them with forgiveness and open up to new life experiences you have never known.

So, are you ready to broaden your perception of reality and see more of your dreams come true?

1)  Make a list of your significant life traumas.  Include your parents traumas.

2)  Pick one trauma on your list and ask yourself, “What did I choose to believe is true, that isn’t necessarily true?” just because I went through that trauma. (If your dad abused your mom, you may have decided to believe that all men hurt women or that women deserve to be hurt or that love relationships aren’t good for you. . .you get the idea.)

3)  Write down all the things you decided to believe. . .all the limiting beliefs that came out of that trauma.  You should be able to see how those beliefs have limited your life in all kinds of ways.

4)  Finally, use your list of hidden beliefs to forgive.  By forgiving you free up massive energy to create more of what you really want to enjoy in life.  Just add the following phrase in front of your hidden beliefs:

“I forgive myself for believing. . . . .”

5)  When you are finished with your life trauma list.  Look at the worst, most uncomfortable parts of your current life.  Ask yourself, “What would I have to believe to create this in my life?”  Write these beliefs down and go ahead and forgive yourself just like your did before.

Most people are surprised at how easy it is to identify the limiting beliefs that are writing their life story.  Tell me about any surprises you found uncovering your hidden beliefs.

How an Ice Pack Can Save Your Life From A Heart Attack

September 11, 2013 in Blog, Emotional Healing, Emotional Healing Training, Forgiveness, Health by Annette

German New Medicine, founded by Dr. Ryke Hamer, explains the emotional, psychological and biological connections of cancer and all chronic diseases. (new

Dr. Joseph Mercola posted an amazing youtube video called German New Medicine Explains Heart Attacks.  In this video, you can learn how territorial conflicts are a common denominator in almost all heart attacks.

Dr. Hamer explains that an emotional conflict arises in persons life, such as a territorial conflict.  As the conflict arises, the biology of the body changes to meet the conflict.  Once the conflict is resolved; the biology of the body returns to it’s normal state of being.

In a territorial conflict, the biology of the heart enlarges in anticipation of the fight for territory.  A CEO may be in this state ongoing as he fights for the expanding territory of the company.  Once he retires and there is no longer a fight to engage in; the biology of the heart returning to normal too rapidly can be the cause of a heart attack.

To eliminate the chest pain or heart symptoms of this heart returning to normal biology;  Dr. Hamer suggests placing an icepack over the heart target area of the brain.  This area is located just above the right ear on the skull.

So when you know of someone who is having chest pain or tightness or an actual heart attack; immediately place an icepack over their right ear as you go for medical care.  You will never hurt someone by doing this and you just may save someone’s life.

How EPTworks™ Healed My Cookie Addiction by Sherry Hamilton

August 28, 2013 in Blog, Emotional Healing, Forgiveness, Story by Annette

A Healing Story

EPTworks is a healing technology applied through the doorway of your emotions.  My sister, Dr. Annette Cargioli DC was developing this foundational system of “Find It-Fix It-Forgive It” in 1994 when she shared her discoveries with me.  She asked me if I had an issue in my life I struggled with and just couldn’t seem to get over.  Monthly I would bake cookies and eat them until I was sick.  I had been doing this for as long as I could remember.  I had tried so many ways to control this behavior, to overcome it, and to ignore it, just to give in, and end up sick in bed waiting for the effects of the binge to pass.  Annette began her work on me using muscle response testing and deductive dialogue to assess an unconscious reason for this self-sabotaging behavior.  She applied some biofield corrections (using magnets) and gave me some forgiveness statements to repeat.  During the 40 minute session, I cried because the issues were highly emotional for me.  At the conclusion of this first session, I felt lighter, and wondered what would happen with my next binge episode.  I didn’t experience a need to binge for 10 months!  I felt free and knew that I wanted more Emotional Polarity Technique!  More work was applied and more aspects of my emotional issues with food came forward till I got over it for good.